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Gift of Mutation, Chaos Space Marines

can potentially win (or lose) you the game.

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fuck yes brother.
2 boxes of GW plague marines.
Forgeworld recast Death Guard conversion kit from yoymart.
FW recast DG Terminator conversion kit from yoymart.
A heldrake conversion - helsquid. Not the one using maulerfiend tentacles, the reverse one using greenstuff tentacles.
Whatever demon ally units you want.

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Don't listen to /tg/ opinions on 40k. The vast majority of them are just regurgitating each others bullshit. Tyranids are just as viable as any other army. The exception being a couple Tau/Eldar lists which are king of the hill atm.

I know a few people who play nids and none of them are all jimmyrustled over the new codex. The new codex hate likely stems from not getting handed Taudar heads on a silver platter, and typical internet faggotry.

If nids is what you want to play, then its nids you should play. half the people who play 40k play fluff lists or model lists. so familiarize yourself with some of the new
lists and get started. but def do not listen to the miserable hate filled ass faggots who pollute 40k threads. you'll be having fun while they move on to the next topic to focus their misery in.

As far as spam armies, IG, some khorne/nurgle daemon lists, and orks come to mind. pick the army you like the most and get after it man, you're gonna love it.

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Figure out which army you want to play. Get that codex and start collecting units.
Start w/hq and troops. most armies have
starter sets, but not all of them are good buys.

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possibly a speaker/megaphone on her backpack, slaaneshi colors/theme to her, 'play loud' on her weapon, which arguably resembles a speaker. Its fair to assume she's a noise marine.

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