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Fuck you Dad! My new daddies love me more!

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"Fuck you Dad!"

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once lorgar comes to know the truth of Chaos he shall restore control over his legion. From then he shall proceed to slowly unite the divided legions and warbands of Chaos into a united force once more, replacing Abbaddon with someone more suited to both leading the black legion and attacking the imperuim. The purpose of this shall be to recreate Horus.

From here he shall begin the final war for the imperium, the ultimate goal is to corrupt the Emperor into a being of pure undivided chaos.

This shall be his victory.

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If you're a Primarch, you only have to die once. Become a Daemon Prince and you'll die again and again and again. Avatars? Pssh. They don't know the pain of being a Daemon Prince. Lorgar knows though. That's the true reason he locked himself away in his temple and refuses to come out.

>sorrow ensustin

Sorrow indeed.

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why not go chaos undivided?

If you please all four you get khorne's might, the skill of slaanesh, and cunning and magic of tzeentch and the resilience and endurance of nurgle.

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a female astartes will never be a true astartes always a fake a shadow of a space marine like that bastard Kor Phaeron. bloody iron warriors messing with the gene seed.

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And Fools pick only one.

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When are you loyalists going to understand? He NEVER cared about you. He NEVER and will NEVER care beyond how much he can use you. Why do you think so many of us turned against him?

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Lorgar Reporting in.

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You see this badass motherfucker on the left of this text? That's Lorgar, the fucking Primarch of the World Bearers.

This guy is the Chuck Norris of dark apostles. He is a goddamn giant space prophet who fights hundreds of soldiers by himself.

He was literally raised by a Covenant. A fucking huge ass religious covenant that didn't have cars. He was so awesome he began to leader of the Covenant.

He is made of pure awesomesauce. He caused the Horus Heresy. He breathes warp fire and shits lightning. He worshipped God before it was cool. HE CAN KILL YOU WITH HIS BARE HANDS.

He decided to corrupt Horus and make hims erve Chaos. Why? Because he knew that if he corrupted Horus, he would make the other Primarchs join them and skullfuck them if they refused.

So allow me to ask you this...why the FUCK do some people consider tools like Alpharius cooler than this guy?

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You sir are correct.
Hes much better then that lying faggot.

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