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even the most annoying Ultra haters admit the guy was instrumental in saving the Imperium.

you can't even have a 40k discussion without him or the Ultras in general coming up. and love him or hate him he is the benchmark that all other primarchs are compared to. same goes for his legion/chapter.

>Most Under appreciated
>Most Divisive?
>Most Underrated
where have you been?

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They were just leaving with the rest of the heretics.

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YES. 120 spacemarines on the field will ass rape anything.

Demon prince? Have some neophytes.
Dreadnought? Eat my hidden powerfists
Special character? I challenge you with re-rolls and rending.

It's not about elegance anymore boys, it's about making it to the other fucker and killing him.

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>The head is molded to the torso that has all the Ultramarine U's and tassels on it. Because haha, fuck you faggots eagleface eaglebeards for Ultramarines only!
sucks to be you i guess.

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I've been considering writing a more accurate and less blatantly hateful History of the Ultramarines, but I've never edited a wiki before and I wasn't sure where to do it since some people seem to like the joke list currently on there.

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What are these farms growing?

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When did the Ultramarines screw over the Lamenters?

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i really like that artist

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I know, I'm a faget.

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>Implying Magnus was really trying and didn't let Russ win.
>Implying Kor Phaeron, the man who introduced chaos to Lorgar and started the Heresy, wasn't an alpha level psycher.


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Black Crusade I feel is the best for this purpose because of the Gifts of the Gods table.

The Khornate Renegade in our group has had his girlfriend brought along with us. Now we're in a ship conducting glorious pirating escapades against the Imperium and Heretic alike. But a few sessions ago, Khorne decided to bless him with Mechanoid.

When he met back with his girl, she told him that "I'm not going to stay with someone who isn't even alive."

She also said, "My lover isn't going to be a machine. That's for fat chicks."

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Shameless self bump.

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They should had made a movie about the Schism of Mars, or the Second War for Armageddon, or hell the Thirteenth Black Crusade.

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>Reasonable Marine in Deathwatch


No, really, I'm serious. Their solo mode ability give them fairly substantial bonuses when it comes to leadership/diplomacy and their Chapter Advances give them cheap Charm and Command upgrades.

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Just a handful of quotes, few of them containing any practical advice.

Almost like if writers lack the tactical acumen necessary to come up with convincing examples of what military advice genetically engineered supersoldiers would come up with.

It's weird, especially since there are so many examples of practical advice from the Tactica Imperium.

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oh i've read his opus. it was... interesting.

but like i said im not picky with who is winning/losing so long as they are both as pissed off as their respective stereotypes would suggest.

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ok fair enough. glad to see you "get it"
so far the only author who can write about the codex well is ADB in Blood Reaver. and that was from the Night Lords perspective when the Ultras and Genesis Chapter assault one of the Night Lords' fortress planets and totally wreak their shit. Talos himself even gives credit to the codex saying how it was the main cause of their defeat.

>The High Lords must be plenty resentful.
i would actually rather see more of this type of conflict than inter Ultramar conflict. it seems slightly more realistic and has much higher stakes. the whole Sicarius upstart thing could simply be solved by Calgar saying so. But the High Lords trying to annex the planets of Ultramar would be much more interesting to see and have much greater consequences since the Ultramarines have the support of 3/5ths of all space marine chapters. plus i would imagine the first founding chapters would support them too as they value their independence too and should Ultramar fall, what's stopping the High Lords from doing the same to Baal or Fenris.

>Heck, fucking over Ultramar might even be on the Minotaurs' to-do list.
I would actually really like to see them try. no sarcasm, that would be interesting

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I really love the Night Lords books.
most recently because ADB was the first writer i've seen to accurately portray the Codex Astartes. as a tool that is beneficial to space marines. not a book of rules to be thrown out the window so you can be seen as kewl.
>"The vox, what little of it still made any sense, spoke of a bleak picture. Casualties were more than high; the Legion forces still on the ground were being devastated. Squads of enemy Space Marines were fighting with an efficiency that had no place on such a vast scale. Legion claws were shouting of enemy soldiers linking up with their brethren with vicious frequency, forming overwhelming numbers as they stormed through the primary chambers, forcing the defenders into an ever-heightening state of disorder and retreat. Every Night Lord counter-attack was met with waves of reinforcements, as the Imperials fell back in organised withdrawals, sinking to fall-back points already being reinforced by their freshly landed brethren.

>....This is like fighting a virus,’ Talos breathed over the vox. ‘Like fighting a terminal infection. They’re everywhere. They know how best to counter us as soon as we do something. They studied us before committing to this attack. This was all planned to the last detail.’"

>Talos didn’t take his eyes from the fleet engagement filling the heavens. ‘The Codex Astartes was responsible for our fortress falling in the most brutally efficient assault I have seen since the Siege of Terra,’ he said quietly. ‘I would watch your tongue until you’re certain we will survive this, brother. The Navy will be blockading the system’s outer reaches, one way or another.’

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