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We had a necrophage in Dh
I know that feel

Pic related

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This is an old picture from slow drawfag. 40k necrophage.

Playing with chaos is heresy. But sometimes heresy is fun.

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I'd like another take of a necrophage from our group's DH campaign. Feral worlder with blue tattoos and red hair. If she has an arm, a chainsword's likely in it, but armor is not as as likely given her condition and invulnerable delusion. If you don't mind, something else in the process of regrowing would be very cool, bet it an arm or an eye.

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I'll do what I can.

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For those endowed feral worlders with a slight taint of corruption.

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Do you think it hurts to have your wounds magically healed? Especially the major ones?

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Tantarus, meanwhile, waits above watching the fights while Nicodemus fumes outside of arena entrance due to the excess of scum and villainy (he did this a lot). At this point the GM takes Cat and Kaltos' players aside. Waiting down in the cells, the two hear the door open behind them to reveal a large figure in a massive overcoat. Some time has passed both in and out of game, and the players had grown slack in hiding their success. So when the coat comes off to reveal an angry Malear complete with power armor and various ornamentation that is revealed to have deadly purpose, the players are genuinely surprised.

He announces to the two, "I've come to claim my failed experiment. The rest of you are of no consequence, and I will enjoy killing you." He unholsters a bolt pistol in one hand, firing at Kaltos, while in the other he holds a book from which he begins to read from. Cat begins to fail all sorts of will saves as Malear's words fall upon her ears, and Kaltos is stuck fighting an angry, armored rogue Inquisitor by his lonesome.

Nicodemus' player, outside of the room, is then asked to roll a perception check. The suspicious lawman hears gunshots from the vaults where his friends are supposed to be having a business meeting, and he rushes down, drawing the bolter he squirreled away during the flight from the Inquisition. He shoots the hostile figure in the back twice, only to have one shot explode harmlessly a short way from the Inquisitor.

Still, a distraction is a distraction, and scums know to take full advantage of it. Kaltos grabs an explosive collar from his work with the Beast House and attempts to wrap it around Malear's neck. The rolls are not successful enough to blow off the antagonist's head, but they damage the armor and man it is supposed to be protecting significantly while frying the circuits to the shielding device temporarily.

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Oh sweet, I remember this drawfag. Always did awesome stuff.

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Through random dice generator, I wound up playing something similar in my first Dark Heresy game.

Not fetishy at all, and probably one of my favorite characters ever. Play it straight-it works.

Arch-militant all the way.

I wound up playing the simple and friendly naivete to the hilt, and it wound up screwing my character in the end with all the intrigue that resulted during our Dark Heresy game. I'd take the deceptively cunning approach, especially in a Rogue Trader campaign. Holding a top position on a Rogue Trader vessel is just as much about knowing how to play politics as it is about skill in my opinion.

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She was really under exposed to the way the world really worked, even more so than the typical pc. So a good deal of the time she spent following orders and trying to figure out what was going on. Still, she remained fiercely loyal to her companions, going above and beyond to keep them safe. It did help that she proved to be quite the badass, both with a melee weapon and a grenade launcher.

Of course, the boss took advantage of her naivety, and before you know it between what she knew and what she became, she was just as complicit as her boss was. Eventually an all consuming need for vengeance replaced whatever sense of loss and guilt she felt for the things she lost and had to do in order to survive. While some of her companions remain alive and with her, her fractured mind stopped caring about them except as tools for revenge a long time ago.

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That would pretty much be my reaction too.

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The best time my group had was when our DH characters signed on board a Rogue Trader vessel to escape the wrath of the Inquisition. The GM still had plenty of control since no one was actually the trader, and the players got to help out with ship security and logistics and dick around with the crew and guests, which included kroot and eldar at one point.

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It is really really really hard to find classy male nudes that work as character concepts.

So hard, in fact, that I don't have a single pic.

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This is what happens when your DM reads up on that whole Radical's Handbook without giving it to the party. Corruption points, insanity, mutations, and general mayhem.

Crowning moment of awesome: blowing away a potentially friendly eldar warlock by hitting the promethium tank they were standing by with a grenade.

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Thanks to Slow Drawfag!

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Oh look, something I remembered from the previous threads. Minus the chainsword, though...

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