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I've seen a lot of tests with fitted plate armor that show it doesn't do all that much much to slow you down or limit your mobility. But obviously, you will get tired faster, you'll get hot more easily in warm weather, and the added weight means you can't carry as much additional gear. The truth is, having armor is just all around better than not having it, and with properly made and fitted armor, there are very minimal downsides. The only reason soldiers stopped wearing armor was because firearms rendered it largely useless. And now that new armors have been created, people are wearing them again.

For a tabletop situation, where a lot of those issues won't come up, I might use minor penalties to movement speed, and/or initiative, and/or dexterity checks, and/or visibility. But I would be less harsh with them than a lot of games I've seen. If the armor isn't custom fitted, I would add or increase penalties.

The major disadvantages would be with encumbrance, the time it takes to get the armor on or off, and the fact that heavy armor can very quickly drown you if you fall in water.

And, one that I think is overlooked in a lot of games, the expense. A custom made, properly fitted suit of plate armor in the middle ages was insanely expensive. Only the ultra wealthy could afford them. So many rpgs make armor largely interchangeable and generic, and unrealistically cheap. If you want to realistically portray the value and rarity of armor, you have to do it by making it prohibitively expensive, something most player characters would have to either purchase backgrounds of wealth, status, and responsibility to afford, or earn through extensive effort.

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>What type of roleplayer do you find most obnoxious /tg/?
Well, since people who don't pay attention aren't really roleplaying at all, I'd say bunker/coward players.

Nothing kills the flow of a story faster than a guy who refuses to go on any fucking adventure because it might be dangerous, and instead builds some indestructible base and hides in it. And nothing pisses off other players more than when they get killed because one of their teammates keeps running away and abandoning them because he doesn't want to risk taking damage.

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I don't know if this is some extremely stale pasta, but I'll take the bait anyway. Welcome to /tg/, arguably the friendliest board on 4chan. Don't post monster girls and don't insult 40k.

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And if you need to hurt someone with high AC, just use Touch attacks. Or spells that target Reflex. Or target Will. Or target Fort. Or target his CMD. AC is only useful against melee attacks. Characters that stack AC are actually the easiest to kill because they have one really strong defense, but tend to be weak against everything else, and the things that don't go against AC are generally much more deadly than the things that do.

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That dot is the location of the Sword of Fate.

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this one makes me want to make some super solid defensive fighter guy that just soaks up damage

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Ahh, that's better.

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He is highly armored, and thus difficult to hit.

Not even gonna try to explain 7 proxies.

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Rolled 5 + 1

prepare yourself OP

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Anyone have the template for that "level 1 level 16 level 32" thing we used to post here on /tg/?

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and that's why Victarion is the man.

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>>inspect handy work everyone has gone home.
>>on the clock for free
>>on an epic quest can't quit now.
>>find an old handle i used back when i was in college for welding
>>remember back to the time when the head off that cheap hammer fell off due to the dryness
>>wonder why i kept it all this time.
>>..........I know why i kept it
>>Sister gave it to me for my birthday
>>right before we started fighting and shit after i loaned her some money
long story short i didn't care if she paid me back she did said it hurt her pride to much to keep talking to me foreveralone
>>with hesitation stick my newly forged hammer into my old wooden stock given with love.
>>A brilliant light shines brighter than the brightest sun in the brightest galaxy.
>>My hammer is forged!
>>permanent passive effects are as follows.
~+10 to all welding abilities
~+10 to respect from all welder
~+10 to all chipping abilities.
~+10 to all heat resistance
>>can't wait to show everyone tomorrow
>>excited don't wanna go home
>>start welding on plates chipping slag
>>so fucking happy

This was my day Fa/tg/uys Prolly the best day of the year for me. I was told i'm a valuable member of the team, if i pass this layout test to become a journeyman i'll be the youngest journeyman ever in that shop history. that along side with getting my relic hammer it feels great almost like everything is really starting to fall into place in my life ^^. So i thank you all for your time in reading. I also took pics of my hammer and raw material if anyone is interested. No time stamps though can take a time stamped one tomorrow if anyone is interested. also express interest for pics (be warned they are low quality)

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Nah, SLAP rounds let it bring down APCs still, it gets used for UEO (unexploded ordnance) a LOT, it'll bring down most other military helicopters (seriously, how the fuck does the Hind even FLY?! It's like a Dragon, the laws of physics say that it shouldn't fly, but it does. And it then flies in the window and fucks physics' girlfriend, then when physics gets pissed it just flies away laughi- what was I saying? Oh, right, how AMRs are used today), it'll severely damage the engine block on any unarmored vehicle and most lightly armored ones, so it sees use at checkpoints to stop any car that tries to Dukes of Hazzard the gate.
Hinds are just pic related in the air. And I fucking love 'em for it.

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Entered, Thanks ESH ESH!

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My DM (3.5) has banned three classes. Arcane Swordsage, which is a common ban, Erudite Psion, less common, and of all things, Sha'ir. Is he right to ban the Sha'ir? I was interested in it but he said it's too powerful.

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That's step one. The will to spread goodness. A Paladin is a defender, not an aggressor.

If you have the strength to step up and defend the weak, you're on the path already. If you have a pure heart, and good intentions. You are literally invincible.

Remember all that man can take from you is your body. Your courage, your honor, your willpower... those you have to give away, they cannot ever be taken.

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As adventurers it is our duty to complete this quest quickly! We shall find Syla's childhood love by first GETTING RID OF SYLA.

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What's the best official /tg/ setting in your opinion? Ignoring mechanics, ignoring horrible fanbases, what setting that is official to a /tg/ game do you like the most?

I've got to go with Exalted, though I'm not an expert in other settings other than D&D.

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