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Welp I'm stealing that

The real question Is can I turn the campaign into "Django:(elf edition)" without getting lynched

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Well, then it works for the first usage (sword as the essence of warfare) but the second should've used Uber; all the more applicable given the Germans and the Zwiehander thing.

Speaking of: Cloud Strife.

>Carries a huge fucking sword
>Obsessed with his genetic heritage
>Leaves the sick to die in sewer pipes
>Product of ill-advised batshit-insane superweapon project by powermad bastards
>Pushes over a bunch of guys in cloaks who are all on pilgrimage to meet in one single location for "Reunion" and then takes their shit once they're dead

Nazi? Nazi.

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>TW vehicle rules

Oh yes, anon, very much so. Note I mentioned as much in my first bitching post. I fucking love tanks. And VTOLs. And infantry. And artillery. I was actually contemplating a "combined arms" thread for Battletech, devoted to all the awesome options we have to play with besides the mechs.

But the terrible, terrible truth is that none of this applies to hover. The BV discount isn't enough to make hover worthwhile over 25 tons or so. >>16750760 explains the problem nicely - whilst the 2/3 tanks can take 4/8 pilots to lower their BV, hovers, if anything, need BETTER pilots just to avoid sideslip, sideslip everywhere. So much for the BV cost. And as I demonstrated above, wheeled and tracked vehicles can move just as fast and carry more boom.

All hover really has going for it is crossing water and swamps easily, and that's terribly, terribly situational. If hover pilots could make PSRs to do nifty maneuvers, they'd be fucking FUN, pilot BV cost be damned. Hover is kind of stuck in the past; vehicles retarded kid brother.

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Yeah there was pretty much no way in hell I could've not saved that one.

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>for a bunch of people who learned mere days ago they lost half of their crewmates, all of their family, their entire way of life, and possibly their entire purpose in life since they ARE soldiers who signed up to defend the Empire.

Well, since distractions are out of the question, I guess we could put a positive spin on losing half their crewmates, everybody they ever knew or loved, their entire way of life, the entire galaxy as they knew it, the purpose they've devoted their entire lives to, and the fact that they're now alone and vulnerable in a completely unknown, likely hostile galaxy.

Shouldn't be too hard.

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I wander away from this thread for HOURS only to come back and find you giggletards STILL dancing around this issue, giving your poor dear devoted writefag headaches. Dohohohoho.

Really, that little conversation with Ivanova was something. She's being so cute about talking around the issue without actually coming out and lying about it.

At this point, I'd laugh uproariously and tell Ivanova that I'm just fucking around with her, of COURSE I know she opened the reactor room, and that cute little dance she did around the issue is more then enough to convince me she's kosher.

Because, seriously, the Empire is probably dust by now - which means my loyalty is to humanity in general and my crew in particular, so if Ivanova wants to move in mysterious ways or fingerpaint the walls of her cabin or what-the-fuck-ever, who cares? We're good. Calamities that destroy the entire universe as you know it tend to broaden your perspective, no?

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