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Not even Slaanesh will be able to fap to the end product of this.

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Burn the mutants with purgacious flame.

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mfw no hat on that design...

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Come with me to the execution chamber please

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A crate of SW strength alcohol and many tech-heresies later a new God was born...

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>>15231520 before they can whip the Imperium's ass?

>implying pulse rifles and carbon-fiber armor can hold a candle to a solid lasgun/flak armor and the FURY OF THE IMMORTAL GOD-EMPEROR OF MANKIND

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The Adeptus Mechanicus would just accept this? I thought the Inquisition didn't have any real power of them.

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> This thread

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/tough-g/uys, i need your advice on what to do in my DH game.

I was working undercover for inquisitor X in inquisitor's Y cell. This lasted for 3 or 4 sessions. Last session, my team-mates discovered that I was working undercover (random interrogation on an important npc with truth serum). They have done nothing for me, but they are going to report me for Inquisitor Y. Even if they didn't, bloody bastard has a habit of mind scanning his minions after each mission.

Mision: Survive and keep a clean record(my character hopes to become inquisitor one day).

Hard mode: Inquisitor X has my family kidnapped, I was unaware of this untill that interrogation. I want to save it at any cost.

Bonus: I have an item of value for both inquisitors, but inquisitor Y wants it more than inquisitor X.

Pic related. my future if you don't help me.

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Crux Terminatus
Inquisitorial Rosette
Iron Halo (probably too big)
Mechanicus skull medallion
Heresy stamp ( <- attached), stamp everything with it.

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How's this list looking?

1500 Point SM army

Commander - Relic Blade, Storm Shield, Artificer Armour - 165

Assault Terminators (2 Lightning, 3 Thunder Hammers) - 200

Dreadnought - T/L Lascannon - 135

Tactical Squad (10 man) - Powerfist for the Sargeant, Rhino, Flamer and Missile Launcher - 230

Tactical Squad (10 man) - Powerfist for the Sargeant, Rhino, Flamer and Missile Launcher - 230

Assault Marines (10 man) - Powerfist for the Sergeant - 215

Vindicator - 115

Predator - Lascannon, Lascannon Sponsons - 165

This all adds up to 1450.

So, is this list shit? What could be improved/removed/swapped out?

Cheers /tg/

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Sounds like DOUBLE HERESY to me!

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The truth, gentlemen:
Pious was a single guardsman, who by some stroke of luck found himself teleported with the emperor's raiding party onto horus's battlebarge. He cowarded in fear from the hell he found himself in, and couldn't muster the courage to fight. Then he saw the emperor fighting Horus, and steeled himself against the enemy.

Seeing horus begin to gain the upper-hand, he charged bravely to his emperor's defence. He attacked horus, and in the instant before the warmaster pulverized him, he bought enough time for the emperor to regain the advantage, using pious' distraction to knock the warmaster back, putting him on the defence.

it has long since been decided that such a story puts too much hope and pride into the hearts of men, and such things are dangerous, so the story has since been replaced in imperial record by one of a custodes filling the role held by pious.

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So my friend has some heretical images on his computer, PAUL, and I attempted to acces his computer remotely so as to delete them and replace them with an image, and failed. Now I need some Techpriest out there to aid me in purging this blight.

Pic related, it's what I want to replace his heretical images with.

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