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No no, I didn't mean that "saving the world" was the start of the journey, I meant that "the world is ending" was the start of the journey. It's still thematically related.

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Hey /tg/, I am looking for a system to use for a kingdom leadership sim thing.

I'm running a 4E D&D game where the players each play the role of a lord/lady/baron/whatever in the same kingdom, under the rule of a newly ascended boy-king. The D&D system come into play when various threats arise and each player chooses one of their loyal vassals (from a pool of 2-3 characters each) to go out and be their champions.

What I'm after now is some system to use for the main lord/lady characters. Ideally something that lets them have a real impact on the country they are trying to lead (being the real power behind the throne and all). Any suggestions?

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Create Race: 6 Power
Comman Avatar (Create City): 1 Power
Total: 7 Power

2 Power remaining

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Writtan it all down. Eating it up like cereal.

The local brothel, the Scarlet Room, is one of the most popular local hotbeds of gossip, rumour mongering and drinking places in the town, its ran by a trio of triplets, two acolytes and a level 1 cleric of Calistria who lack the money, power and influence to actually declare the brothel a temple to the goddess of lust and vengeance. Still they are happy with what they have and the most talented of them keeps a few hives of charmed bees, sacred animals of their goddess in a small garden behind the building, she harvests their honey and sells it to the Cayden cleric to make mead out of it. The people rumour that the two of them have something more the philosophical debates between them.

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i hate flood detection, so, so much.

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I was meaning more like beams of divine light coming from the paladin's weapon. Something sort of like...


...except without the juping, less landscape-destroying, and not black n' red.

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Hey, could I have my antagonist for an upcoming game of D&D drawn?

Backstory and such: Cleric who lost faith in the Gods when witnessing the tortured life of a youth from a small-town who told his story and died on the steps of the Cleric's God. Said youth, for whatever reason, then became the source of a fungus that spread throughout the Chapel's undercroft (becoming final dungeon) and the spores infect the population/players with a plague, which leads them to ultimate calmness and easiness with the world while they're eaten away from the inside. Cleric became infected and decided that a calm, peaceful death was better than the suffering that life brings, so yeah, he's working on spreading it.

Anyway, he's fairly tall and well-built, wears worn and broken plate and chainmail armor which is ripped asunder by mycelium growing from wounds in his body. Carries around a mace and a tower shield, the latter with the symbol of his former God, dashed with blood. (Don't really have a symbol, a golden sun or pentagram or cross would suffice) His hair is salt-and-peppered, neatly brushed back behind his head. His eyes are Grey and empty, though despite the plague-induced calmness, looks agitated. He's middle-aged, and his skin is covered in boils, buboes, sores and wounds spouting mycelium.

Complicated, yeah, but I'd be much obliged if you'd draw him up.

Pic related, I guess. The town where the plague originated, chapel pictured.

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Hey, /tg/. I'm writing a campaign for 2e D&D for next week, and I want your opinion on how to improve, what I should take out, and all around how I can make it a darker or more interesting experience.

My idea was that the protagonists would either arrive at a city (~20,000 inhabitants) which is in the middle of an epidemic. The city guard has been repurposed to stop the infection from leaving certain districts, and the merchants are in a panic, most of them trying to flee the city. Except the food traders, who are strangely quiet.

The protagonists will notice some cloaked figures guarding shipments of 'off' food from an obscure farming community, and naturally, give chase. The cloaked figures turn out to be fungus people (its in the monster manual, I swear) and are spreading the plague via spores on the food.

I intend on infecting one or more of the players. At first, all that happens is they feel 'at peace' with the world. This is the first stage of the plague. Every now and then, they'll have to roll to keep the disease from spreading, at which point they start demonstrating other symptoms, usually zombie-like stuff mixed with the black plague. But the infected players will never feel any pain from their ailments.

Anyway, we'll assume the players have the plot armor to resist the plague's mind altering effects, while the rest of the victims are perfectly serene until someone tries to harm the infected food, at which point they attack mercilessly and unrelentingly.


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Alright, /tg/. Let's make a setting from scratch. Everyone posts a new idea, and we create our own Roleplaying Game World.

A few rules: tremendously stupid things will not be counted, including anything like "they're all hermaphrodites" or "everyone has three dicks". Second, we can veto ideas if someone comes up with something better.

Alright, the world's technology is equal to that of Renaissance Europe, and uses contraptions akin to Da Vinci's contraptions. Of course, this is all new, and only large cities and the wealthy have clockwork machinery. Rural areas are still stuck in the medieval mindset.

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