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Hey /tg/, one of my friends is a bit interested in playing Warhammer 40k, and so I'm thinking about running/playing a demo game with him.
I've got Death Guard CSM and Imperial Guard, so there are two vastly different armies that I have to work with.

How should I set up the game?

I was thinking between 500 and 1,000 points, with a simple "Capture the Objective" type mission. I would write the army lists, too.

Any thoughts on things that I should, or should not, do?
Or thoughts on what units I should include in the armies?

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Ok. So ive been away from 40k for a while and have been looking into getting back into. I played space marines my first army then made an ork army and loved both. However i always feel myself drawn to chaos and was wondering if anybody had any tips on making a chaos army. Im thinking either night lords or something like iron warriors

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>xenophilia kink

There are worse things. I actually know a couple of girls IRL in that boat...sort of.

>Intimate discussion with good friend of mine about fetishes.
>She admits she has a secret wank bank of Tentacle porn.
>I show her MY 'stache of tentacle porn.
>Fun times ensue.

No Daemon price art. Just Heresy. Sorry boss.

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̗̮͓̄̽ͨ̌C̨̣̠̠̱͍̪̯͂OM̻̝̮̳̦̦̋ͦ͒E̷͕̹̻͐̿ͦ ̉̇͊̉I̠͍̰̲̰̩͎ͫ́N̡͔̞̻͇̳̟̯ͣ̾͗ͪ̔̓͗

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For too long cast aside, stripped of dignity, opportunity
Countless sleepless days in underestimation
But under these anxious, darkening leaves
No word goes unheard
And no deed is without compensation
When the workers come to collect their wages
Now the straw men are swaying in the distance
The have-nots calling in the listless wind
Whispering for retribution
Waiting for some voice to call them
From the bottom where you left them
So onward friends from our battered homes
Forward to the onrush of cast stones, crushed bones
And the gallows

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Bloodthirster - blessing

Blue Scribes

Herald of Nurgle- Breath of chaos, aura of decay, cloud of flies, unholy might, noxious touch

5 Blood crushers - Fury, Icon, death metal musician

5 Fiends of Slaanesh

4 Flamers of Tzeentch- Bolt

9 Plague bearers - Icon

15 Bloodletters - Icon

Blue Scribes go with flamers ( both are jump infantry )

Herald of Nurgle with the plaguebearers

Not sure about the waves..

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Screw Chianti

I will marinate their flesh in Amnasec and let it sit in my mouth while smoking the finest Lho Sticks and filling my eyes with Flects.

And then descend upon his family...with knives...and laughter...

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Could you, perchance, explain the cons?

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This is as he was working for GW

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I'd say this mostly because: Why would you want to be under the thumb of your brothers in arms and those with more favor from the dark gods, when you could crack the skulls of weakling little cultists and even if you are only a slightly powerful CSM, you're still miles above some slaaneshi drug addict with an autopistol and a knife. Not to mention that chaos worshipers would know that more respect and worship going to them as well gives them more power.

That's when I read about aspiring champions, guys who left their order to go kick around cultists. I imagine this is what most CSM's do with their "freetime". Whenever they are not pushed and punched by someone bigger and badder into a fighting force, they are out there collecting power for themselves.

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i prefer the colour version

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Best art thread

Doesn't matter where it's from or what it's depicting

As long as it's the best you have

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