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>So does that mean that what will happen to the Asura has been decided?
Nah, like I said I still read all the posts in the archived threads. (which reminds me, someone archive please)

That said, if nothing changes it will be normal burn rather than controlled explosion.

>I guess it's impossible to predict the trajectories of the debris that's orbiting along with the asura?
Nah, it's entirely possible... for portions of it. Do remember the sheer amount we're talking here. The large gravity wells in this system are all positively swarming with debris.

>In before spooks of the highest quality,
Pic related? Who knows? Those were pretty extreme measures to take to ensure they weren't captured after all....

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Also, guys, I said you were two gatejumps from a secondary node. You could still go there if you want. But the secondary node is not where the large base is.

I never actually said how many gatejumps the large base was, come to think of it. I said it was two direct jumps using your jumpdrive.

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So I take it you guys have reached consensus?

(No, really though, what are you doing... it doesn't even have to be about Parson.)

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>I'll just leave this here while I write the next part of the update...

A dozen thoughts flash through your mind in an instant, but you settle on a practical course of action. Setting the two drones to monitor both now-open doors, you flick back to Tynes.

“Lieutenant, back up onto the surface, leave the drones.” The command in your voice is obvious, and the dark-skinned man doesn’t even hesitate as he snaps off a salute and acknowledgement, walk to the rover he used to traverse the long winding ramp without even putting the drones into standby. You do so for him, simultaneously locating each member of the crew.

Tynes is heading upward, obviously. Ivanova is onboard one of the drone shuttle, presently docking with the Harbinger. Parson is on the bridge. Dai is next to the station computer core. Rinn is in the process of cradling his foot on one of the foredecks, having just kicked a shield mount. Burr is in medbay at his assistant’s cryopod, preparing to bring her out of stasis. All enlisted crew are accounted for as well, either on the ship or on the station with Dai.

You flick back to the base and, as Tynes begins ascending the ramp, maneuver the two drones into the previously sealed rooms.

What you find is... interesting.

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>So whoever out there aren't total uncivilized barbarians, which is good.
Unless they hate you for being the brutal oppressive overlords, then it might not be so good. BUT HOW WILL YOU KNOW?

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She's still a paladin by the way. XD

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>Correct me if I'm wrong
Now why would I ever do that? Pic related, my face when people were actually believing her.

But seriously, you aren't completely correct but you are on the right track.

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Oh, right, this is a rough approximation of your face during the last post.

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>Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Merlin, and Hou Yi
Sigh. Getting sleepy, that's somewhat redundant. Was supposed to be:
>Gilgamesh, Hercules, Merlin, and Hou Yi

Oh, it's possible. Anything's possible.


Who said there was only /one/ orb?

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