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Probably not, unfortunately. The glory days of /x/ were over a decade ago. Yeah, there's a bit of nostalgia in there too, but there really was a different quality to it all back then. 2010-2012 was around the time that creativity on the net started getting monetized en masse. Before that, there were still tons and tons of people doing shit simply because it's what they loved and enjoyed. There's a reason why a lot of 'OC' from most of the boards is like a decade or more old.

/tg/ is still getting by but I'd say 4chan as a whole is slipping. Not our fault tho, the whole internet is. While moot was right in that phoneposting was a mistake (and fuckin' aussies), the internet as a whole is shrinking down as everything gets slowly condensed towards 'social media'. Everything is steadily made mainstream, under threat of losing advertising and profitability. Most forums have died because of this shift, despite being former bastions of community and content on the internet. Which is unfortunate. But at the end of the day even a place like 4chan can't run on hopes and /d/'s wet dreams. Shit costs money.

If I could I'd wish that the internet remained as it was during the 2000s. Wild, creative, worry free. Flash videos/games, art sites abound, forums for any subject you could think of, people just doing what they felt like. But nothing lasts forever.

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>Matt Ward, our spiritual liege
>Precursor of 7th edition, Lord of the Space Marines.
>quit because of Age of Sigmar

Holy fucking shit. It really says something when Matt Ward of all people says Age of Sigmar was going to be bad. Now I wonder if this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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>mfw my HDD shat itself in March 2011
>mfw I'll probably never see that content again
>mfw my /tg/ folder still hasn't reached the same quantity of images in 4 years, let alone quality.

Someone please hold me

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Could be: Ancient Aliens, officially doing Chaos Renegades, Not-Skaven, Not-Lizardmen, Exodites, or squats

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How long does it usually take, and how well does it strip plastics? I know SG is fine for metals, but doesn't do so hot on plastics. And also, does Castrol do any noticeable damage to the minis?

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