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Tell me about your main army.
Do you play them because you love their lore/story or for their competitiveness?

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In DND its not feasable because they can't realistically mine out at such a high speed. Or harvest Flax at such speeds.

Once the first and second wave is fielded, there is no more equipment. And you run into another issue: If you conscript 1/10 of the population into warfare, you increase their food usage by 3-4x for the entire period of the war and a few months of victory spoilage. That might not seem like a big deal, until you remember that socities only produce 99-110% food capacity, and then the over usage of food will result in massive social unrest and massive famines.
And then you will think
>"but society is not near its food production capacity"
The reality is that as nations expand, as city states get bigger, its to gain more resources. Be it cattle(milk), fish, or plants. To get more food. Once you do Total War, your war population is so big, you are far over the food resources needed to sustain your nation.
There is a reason most countries that entered WW1 and WW2 ended up with massive rationing, and the areas around Third Reich ended up very close to massive famines just in war times, and even worse afterwards.
And if you read about the logistics of pre modern warfare, you would know they are pushed far harder than in terms of food than industrial nations, simply due farm yield and ability to make farmland. On top of spoilage, canning, pickling and curing extending long term food usage.

Magic society, as its presented in D&D has some post industrial signs, such as:
1. Low birth rate
2. High age
3. City states with vassal city states
4. Population pyramid of levels means that high population can have some high level NPCs
The reality is that they lack the rest of the means of production, to compete in terms of resources, with Total War achieved by modern states. Industrialization is one hell of a drug after all, and people forget that. Even creating matter is limited in D&D, severely, and the logistcs of scrolls/rituals is even more limited.

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Gunpowder is easy to make, but isn't as high yield as modern chemical cocktails needed for proper bullets.
That isn't the bottleneck.
Bottleneck in bullet production isn't chemicals, but casings. Casings require a lot of work to make, and once you got em, the work to assemble them with the explosive charge is a lot of work.

You would think so. But then you realize that 1000 men, with 6 shot weapons, would spend at the least 1.200.000 bullets for a year of active gun shooting.
Gunpowder storages will run dry for any larger mass mobilization, so unless the civilization breaker is nuclear war decimating infrastructure, population is high enough to spend billions of bullets within just a few short years.

>Printed textbooks
>Textbook has schematics, but is designed for use with CNC machines
>Finding CNC machines post global civilization

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>t going to cause issu
I'm no recruiter. So I couldn't tell you. If you're cleared by a doctor, then sure. But if you've got a degree, consider going OCS. http://www.goarmy.com/ocs.html

Or if you go reserves, you might be able to direct commission.

Air Force OCS might take you too.

M855A1 round... literally, the rounds i work with are 105mm or 155mm. Rarely 5.56. 5.56 has the bonus of tumbling and bouncing inside of people. However, if you hit so much as grass it sends it tumbling early. There have been some 11Bs floating through here, so they could give you a much better opinion. I know the M4 sucks in general. I mean... it doesnt SUCK. But I'd rather have a G36 any day. The SCAR is fun too. Or just give me a goddamn piston upper receiver.

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Love it. Been jonesing to play for months. Online just isn't the same; I like sitting across the board from my opponent, nodding appreciatively when he outmaneuvers me and smiling inscrutably when he overextends himself.

I understand the basic rules but just kinda stumble around blindly when it comes to strategy. I can respond well to an opponent's actions, but left to my own devices I don't really know what to do.

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So /tg/... if I were interested in learning 40k and getting myself all set up to play with swarmy Catgirl guardsmen on a minimal budget, where would I begin?

Also, I don't even know what rulebooks to pirate. I've never asked and never actually seen anyone ask. Is there a 'core' rulebook, or does each codex contain all the core rules as well?

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Read faster!

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Well that's a fairly extreme example right there. I guess if we could just make our characters ba'ss enough to raise their own armies that WOULD solve the problem.

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Your isolation from your peer group has stunted your ability to empathize with other human beings. It has however increased your ability to empathize with animals. You like rats and dogs just fine, but cats are the top animal as far as you're concerned.

Mostly it has to do with Spok, you're patron cat.

Your parents noticed your increasing inability to empathize with both them and your caretakers so they decided to to choose the most sensible course of action available to them,

They went down to slave market and bought a Sapient Cat, then they had its intelligence increased and had it trained to be your tutor.

Spok has a fondness for fish and keeps a pair of rats as his pets, he also tends to read a lot.

He's been your valued mentor for many years.

What has Spok and your slew of tutors taught you?

>Major, this is your mad science major. It's your specialty. Its what you live to do.

>Minor, this is your mad science minor, its a secondary study that might come in handy but is probably useless

>Extracurricular, this is a skill or hobby of some sort that you perform in your free time, it might be mental or physical but it does have real world applications.

As per usual, 3 votes locks us in.

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If you have any questions about modern American Army stuff, I'm a combat arms Captain who has deployed to Afghanistan and had the good fortune to move a round a little bit, and see different things.

Questions for your characters on Tactics, Weapons Systems, History, Doctrine, TTPs, military life, Special Operations, etc etc.

Shitty questions include: "What do you think about repeal of don't ask, don't tell" or "what about chicks in the army". I can't see how they'd help your game,

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Did anybody participate in the Armageddon Campaign?

Let's have a brainstorm, and see if we couldn't do something similar here. Eh?
In case you're unfamiliar...
1) A scenario is built
2) You make a profile based on your army and your location
3) battles are fought at home, your FLGS, wherever
4) battle results are reported

We could even include the RPG works of Only War, Black Crusade, Dawn of War or Rogue Trader.

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This sounds hilarious.

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/tg/, the unimaginable has happened. After years of running games for either new players or obtuse assholes, I find myself in the last few years occasionally running a game for a specific group of friends. When I do run this game, they are polite, they point out many aspects of the game that they did enjoy, (my NPC's personas and large scale settings for example.) but they seem unsatisfied. I began to see myself as a once great DM that was out of touch and lost my ability to create engaging games due to becoming jaded after working at a LGS. What was I to do? I tried many different things. I tried home rules to change the theme, I tried different games... every plot seemed predictable and unexciting for these players of whom I have great respect for. Then it hit me. I spent so much time and effort in my younger years of gaming learning how to DM for new and stupid players, that now I don't know how to write compelling stories for intelligent and experienced players who can actually appreciate narrative subtlety.
My writing didn't respect the intelligence of my players. This epiphany was explained to this group and they all said in response..."We don't think you think we are stupid... but your plots are very predictable.. yes"
I feel great now that I know this, because now I can finally identify what was sucking so hard!

ITT We talk about epiphanies in gaming that made us "better" gamers. Also common tricks for engaging players IN game.
Also, a toast to great gaming tables; they're rare, but they're the highlight of the week if you've got 'em.

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Your friend is wrong not because of his logic, but because of the RAW. It clearly states that going into decline happens at the BEGINNING of your turn and ends your turn immediately.

I don't have these kinds of arguments that often because we read the rules every time we play, during play. As a result, except for the first one or two times we play, we know what we're doing.
Also your friend sounds like an asshat.

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>don't know how to scheme
>let's be spies
It'll be awful or awesome.
I know exactly shit-all about Spycraft though.

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Other animals like dogs are just really reliant on their owner for providing entertainment, walks, letting them outside to do their business, etc.

Cats just do their own thing and don't give a shit as long as they get fed.I imagine as a dungeon crawler character, he'd just be tagging along for the hell of it and would just act like an asshole whenever they needed help, being concerned about what he's getting out of the deal instead of the general welfare of the party.

So he'd have to make up for it by being a hell of a good wizard.

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>Including anything concocted by that hack Derleth

And the cats are obviously just Dreamers. You ever wonder why cats are so fucking lazy and sleep all the time? Well now you know.

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I was just about to post that.

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