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Enemies of the Imperium hear me, you have come here to die

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At ease, soldier! It is good for morale! Let the men have their fun! I, myself, have slept with Rogue Traders, smoking-hot Inquisitors, and many an Imperial planetary noble on my tours of duty throughout the Imperium! I see no reason why the common Guardsman should not!

Emperor be praised, men!

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>In DoW2; if you find equipment that was owned by Lukas Alexander it has corrupting points too it
>You find out that the Victory Bay Titan weapon had a daemon to Nurgle living in it
>During a cut scene on the Imperial Guard Stronghold attack, when he activates the Titan weapon the cutscene shows him shooting his beam through only Imperial Guardsmen killing them all
>He also sends his men through the trench where the Titan shoots; killing them with a one shot kill

Lukas Alexander was a heretic of Nurgle who was secretly feeding the Daemon of the Titan!

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It seems the enemy is to overwhelm us

You are hereby ordered to destroy the tian artifact!

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