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Melting caramel drizzled over my baked custard pudding
Softly embraces my taste buds
Maple syrup covered recipe

Lulala lilulila
Curled up under my blanket
Lulala lilulila
Made out of fluffy omelette
So many flavours to explore
I have to eat more

Candied ginger slices in between your rosy lips
One kiss is not enough for my sweet sweet tooth

Your eyes flicker like marbled champagne
With pomegranate tea and dreams
A little bit spice
A little bit salt
A little bit sugar to top it all
Rosemary cardamom anise
The flavours you taught me puts me at ease
Love melts in my mouth
Dissolves my doubt
Paprika and parsley
Dance with me now
No matter how far you go
I'll always let you know

Kristi vechuna es tilia
Hon deli e kasum ciella
Lihie hanx ne tellehe
Ccuccu ni ha quatrolle he

That every moment I've spent with you is an everlasting view
I'll shape my thoughts into little cubes
And dip them in chocolate fondue
Across the sea and the land and the breeze
I bet that you're feeling lonely
You must be hungry waiting for me

With you And me
Have faith in me
Engine powered by bitter memories
Penetrate time and space
I'm flying across milky way
So don't be late

Lulala lilulila
Lulala lilulila
Lulala lilulila
Vanilla cloves cinnamon flavoured apple pie spaceship

Lulala lilulila
Black cherry flavoured redshift
Lulala lilulila
Raspberry flavoured blueshift
Lulala lilulila
The land of tasty memories
Lulala lilulila


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>/tg/ used to have some of the best filename threads, but now it has the worst, next to /wsg/ because they don't actually know what filename threads are

>what filename threads are

Why don't you enlighten us?

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>hungry toreador invites dinner over.gif

Anybody got more gifs and images in this vein?

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>Filename Thread

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Here have this.

In the first game PnP RPG I was ever in we were a coterie of ignorant fledgelings sponsored by an ancilla. The prince said that to prove we deserved to unlive in his city we had to deal with a problem vampire nobody wanted to deal with. turns out he was a plague bearer with a cult of mortal followers. Our Ventrue player managed to neutralize the mortal cultist by convincing them we were undercover FBI agents who were after their leader for distribution of C P. The cultists left all heartbroken and disillusioned.

>>56579239 >>56578670 >>56576009
>>56572639 >>56572057 >>56571981
>>56583069 >>56583270 >>56583327

I laughed.

>I'm saying someone's going on the chopping block.
Oh. I had not thought of that. Do you mean the PC or people from the PCs backstory?

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Welcome to the sweltering wastes, where old flames continue to smolder in the forests of wood and the forests of steel, the vast interior looks like the bastard son of Mars and Arizona, and the dune seas are what's left of what was once an "ocean".

But it's fine. While life and liquid were scoured from the surface and the world cracked in its anger, the precious flowing water which humanity needed bubbled forth in certain cratered valleys and within canyons. The burnt and thirsting folk who found their way to these spots found themselves in veritable wonderlands of nature, almost as if all the world's life was concentrated in these spots as it was pulled from the rest of the planet. The tattered remnants of society flocked to these paradises. And while they lacked the resources or knowledge base to restore civilization's former glory, the rocky waste beyond puts a bit of a damper on higher education, they did what they could. Humanity started from nothing once, and humanity starts again with bountiful basins and scraps of what was once known. Tribes and nations formed, primitive tools were made in order to make somewhat less primitive tools, a few places almost figured out farming again, and something of a trade network began to form among those who knew how to find other oases.

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>the desperate, the arrogant, and the reckless throw themselves at ENTROPY's metaphorical feet, hoping to gain some manner of mercy, to be spared the coming end
>And true enough, they're often granted some manner of power, a goal to seek, and a delayed 'sentence'
>but make no mistake: being last to the slaughter is not the same as salvation, nor is the power they receive truly ENTROPY's, not entirely. >ENTROPY merely sets the essence of the supplicants ablaze, burning away who and what they are to fan their flames.

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I weld your burns are nothing compared to mine

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So /tg/ I'm curious what do you guys do for a living? I'm wondering this because I don't have anything else to do and I just want to know what the average fa/tg/uy does.
I'm and welder I get $15/hr

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If you had the resources and legal team what type of system would you use to make this happen?

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Shit man, better hope your giant friend with access to collective knowledge of man can ascend to Godhood and fix this shit before morning

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I have wanted to try this one out for a long-ass time.

Lets see, the most ambitious cold openings I have ever pulled off:
>The party are all in a mexican standoff with weapons drawn at each other, with a dead body in the middle. Said dead body was another one of the party members.
>The pantheon of all creation are in the middle of explaining to the party how it really IS their fault that their parents are fighting right now
>"Alright, you've just convinced Mary and Joseph to get out of the trailer park before the bomb goes off, the three wise men seem pretty pleased with you. Now what?"

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I can definitely see your point.
I couldn't sleep last night because that idea popped into my head so I figured I might as well make it and post it in the hopes that a few other people would get a laugh or two out of it.
It was my attempt to get it out of my system and give myself some closure on the way out so I could focus on taking what I've learned from this whole thing and bring that knowledge to my next project.
Once again, I've proven I'm shit at dealing criticism and obviously, I'm going to need to get over myself if I want to continue participating in these threads.
So I'll try to do that in the future.
Yeah, I get what you're saying.
The reason it feels so disconnected is that the pages with the girls were completely written by me while all the other pages were written by Celt. It didn't occur to me that having certain cookies that worked better with different girls would do anything besides make some people's builds less viable. Never even crossed my mind that the opposite might be true.
Owwwww... That stings, Anon.
Yeah you can blame that solely on me trying to match the framing Celt set up in the earlier pages. I knew it wasn't the best thing I'd ever written, but I didn't think it was CoC levels of bad.
I'll do what I can to make sure Guardian Spirit's writing is an improvement.
See, I didn't make help make Fortune Cookie's because I wanted attention , okay maybe that was part of it, but it just seems more worthwhile to take credit for something I actually worked pretty hard on, I made it because Celt came to me with the idea and I really liked it so I said yes when he asked for my help. I still think the idea is cool and interesting, it just mainly got buried under shitposters and my inability to actually notice the sound and honest criticism amonst it.
I handled this whole thing very, very poorly and I'm really sorry for bloating the threads with it.

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>Anyone got any Business vampires?

photography is an art

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My oh my, I'm liking these options.
>Blue Oni
>Tan Goddess
>Yo Bro

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Oh. I thought it was something more than a generic magical realm joke, but I was overthinking it.

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I've got a human mage with horrific burn scars all over his body and most of his face, so he's probably the least pleasant to look at but is fairly average outside of that. Of the characters that are naturally ugly, I had a Tengu that was pretty scraggly looking with feathers that could not be tamed.

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