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I love engraving.
I love going to work.
I love to smooth stone,
and draw "Urist's a jerk!"
I love this whole cheese
With all its smells and holes.


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>dorfs love cheese

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>Eyes the "Fetish" knob suspiciously
>Turns it down

Most female dwarves have some degree of magical power, granted by their inherent connection to the "Earth Mother." Oracles are common, usually of the mysteries of Stone, Metal, Lore, or Life. They often assist in the crafting of magic items, allowing dwarves to forge a great number of wonders despite having few wizards or sorcerers among their people. However, females are considered too precious, and indeed too secret, to ever be used in warfare. Male dwarves maintain that they are born "from the earth," and females never leave the depths of the dwarf-holds.

Male dwarves who strike out on their own, either to start businesses in human lands or take up a life of adventuring, generally do so in order to become rich enough to deserve a wife (though he would never explain this to non-dwarves.) Due to the gender ratio, only one dwarf in 200 will ever found a family, and most are content with the lesser honor of supporting and defending the hold.

>Turns knob back up

Female dwarves continually lactate a rich, alcoholic milk. This is shared among the most honored members of the hold, and occasionally with an outsider who has done the dwarfhold a great service. More than one adventurer has saved a hold from disaster, only to wake with a pounding head after a night of grateful celebration, trying to hold to a fleeting memory of the "best mead I ever drank." Finding and drinking the brew again can easily become an obsession. The milk can also be made into cheese, which...

>Hastily turns knob back down

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>Mountain Carver
Do you know what your name reminds me of?

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Or you know so emotional they get massively singleminded on things and damn the consequences.

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This is how I Dwarven Architect.

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This is how I Dwarven Runepriest.

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SO, does King of Dragon Pass qualify as a text-based game or wot? Where is the line drawn?

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I've got a door and wall system set up, so hopefully they can just go in and take a look.

...If I can get them out of the damn thing so I can get it running... The miner who breached the final walls had to dig his way out.

And then, the dwarf I sent to make a wall to seal it... traps himself inside of the aqueduct. (There is one part that is deeper, for water wheels and such, and it collected the run off, at 3/7 depth. So he can't wade through.

Now I'm going to have to dig another passage and wall that off, in the hopes that he doesn't get stuck again...

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Gay dwarves, you say?

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It happens. I had a farmer go from Farmer to Master Artisan/Stoneworker when he made an artifact table of chert. He had no skill in stoneworking at all...

That said, I need to play Dwarf Fortress more often. I've been inattentive of late.

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I have a challenge for you! In about a month we'll participate on a tabletop roleplaying convention, which includes some kind of "competition", as parties will be scored by how well they solve the quest. We don't really give a fuck about that, we'll just go there to have a fun game.

Or should I say, FUN?

The plan is: fucking Dorf Fortress. Our party will consist of only dwarves with little to no useful skills in combat or intrigue or investigation. We have only one goal: Strike the earth!

So I request your input to increase the FUN-factor, if you have good descriptions, backstories and names generated by DF of any of the following types of dorf:
- Miner / mason / mechanic
- Carpenter / wood cutter
- Brewer / hammerdwarf
- Fisher (who got drafted into a militia but got no weapon and as such he is a wrestler when active)

Please share them with us.

Also, DF thread.

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Bump for lack of answers. (That first reply doesn't help me as I don't know when the next caravan might arrive... thanks for the advice though.)

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Whenever I start a new fort, the first immigrant with any stone detailing whatsoever becomes the fortress' engraver. No other dwarf will ever touch the sacred stone. Needless to say, before all the stone surfaces are even smoothed, he/she is legendary.
Once I had a 3 z-level high throne room for the dwarven king. Bored, with no diasters happening for the nonce, I examined what the engravings were.
Cheese and mushrooms. Long live the King.

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Well we don't want to damage him too much from the impact since he is our healer so we toss and he then gets going on the enemy with his mace. So it is more a rapid dwarf delivery system, except when we have a bad roll and cast him into that trap we were SO NOT AIMING AT.

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Dwarfs are the BEST

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I, too, am disinclined to your statement. To compound my statement, here is a piece of fanart from a game that I believe to be an equally satisfying piece of entertainment.

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<<<<Possibly related?

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