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>Hmm, yeah, I see what you're saying. The best advice I can offer you is to perhaps take a razor blade to the bathroom and lock the door.

Mad as fuck.

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>dual 10s
>wasted roll
C-Can we bank?

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You not understanding anything that's going on.

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How would a CIS Separatist be treated under the reign of the Empire?

Would they be persecuted or arrested for crimes they committed against the Republic?

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>mfw sea god's revenge

pulled two. won a lot of games with it.

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I just played a Standard tournament, like eleven games.

I think maybe two games were effected by mana flood, and no games were effected by mana screw. This is out of eleven games with two players each game. 2/22 is not an issue.

Just be smart, build your deck well, know when to mull and be an adult when things don't go your way, or just play a different game if it bothers you too much.

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Pet Peeve Edition

>People that wait until the end of the rp to tell you about something they didn't like and ruined the scene halfway through

>People that present an idea you don't like, ask for feedback, then say you'll leave both the original stuff and what you said as "options"

>That person that agrees to fuck only to say they have to run a couple posts in

>When someone plays a race you like and screws up things the race is supposed to do, like biting necks or staying still while knotting.

>People with fifty characters that expect you to contact them for play.

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Was just doing possibility storm combo at FNM last night. There are always good stories when I win with this deck(casting ashen rider without having any white or black mana), but here was the funniest one.

>Playing against MBD
>It's turn 6
>staring at 4 4/4 pack rats
>down to 4 life
>my board is a mystic, a caryatid and a possibility storm
>here goes nothing
>cast Divination
>reveal cards until I reveal a sorcery
>sorcery is Unexpected Results
>okay, I still have a chance
>cast Unexpected Results
>shuffle library
>opponent cuts
>reveal top card
>mfw Enter the Infinite
>cast it, put Borborygmos as the only card in library
>play Elvish Mystic
>turns into Borborygmos Enraged
>dump 16 lands into opponents face

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I play kraj too. I'm the cunt everyone hates in this thread.

He's so funny and great. He just accidentally goes infinite. People accidentally help you win.

>mfw reading grimgrin's activated ability after an opponent put him onto the battlefield from their zone
>mfw I had night soil
>mfw they had like 20 creatures in their graveyard because dredge
>mfw I had a mana ability on field

Kraj got huge and their yard got all creatures exiled. I love having him out, people just throw things down with awesome AAs without thinking twice.

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run blood bairn and god's willing if you're doing any sac mechanics

>mfw people win with blood bairn

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Your boyz getting shot up aren't necessarily next to the enemy. the bosspoles act as insurance to prevent a potential game loss by boyz running off a point. 5 points is pretty cheap for isurance

Also, if your boyz are just sitting in the backfield doing nothing, why are you running boyz? that's the explicit point of grots. Tiny models for hiding in cover, 3 points each.

on average, a big shoota when fired kills 0.2222 more marines. it costs 11 points to field that boy. 2 boyz do the exact same amount of killing, last longer, and do more damage on the charge. Big shootas are simply not worth jack. The don't do shit for the same reason the heavy bolter is a bad choice, except the big shoota is a worse gun on a model with worse ballistic skill.

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>inb4 a bunch of faggots are upset because their speshul snowflake bad guys are crap
>inb4 I'm 302 posts too late
>inb4 I'm expected to give a fuck

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Fucking retarded. Perfect typeless duals for two color decks, does that sound like a good fucking idea to you? No, you piece of shit, your idea is more worthless than the bastard son of a rat.

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No I said a tide can be caught up in CC where as a flier is immune to CC.

Reading comprehension please

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Not even that guy posting but getting banned for that? Lel

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You clearly do make awful decisions, and are obviously heiny-hobbled at the fact that you/your friend's baby's middle name is not fucking relevant to the board as a whole, and is certainly not important enough to warrant it permanently taking up space on the first page. It's only stickied because otherwise it wouldn't of made it past 20 or so posts before it naturally descended to make way for new threads.

/tg/ is not your/OP/The Mod's blog page, and they are not entitled to make their own lives and events happening in them front-page news.

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Please humor me, how does it feel to be an uneducated pleb?

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Positive Quality in Runner's Companion
>Escaped Clone (5BP)

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Mad readings are off the scale

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