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I'm considering running Bludgeon Brawl in Aurelia so I can hit people in the head with a Sol Ring.

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I don't know OP...I don't know...

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>I'll never get any attention from happy surly teachers because I'm not an ERP virgin

Oh, if only I could turn back time...

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>tfw you were going to be in a very promising ERP game with some fellows but the GM bailed and the group petered out.

I just wanted to go on an adventure with some sexy elements. That's all.
I'd settle for just a plain game at this point.

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No happy.

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/tg/ confessions.

I'm terrified of playing a Paladin or a character that is morally absolute, as I'm afraid of becoming a That Guy.

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If this all goes as well as it could do.

If it does...this could be fucking glorious.

DARE I hope?

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Eeeep i hope i didn't miss the 90.

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How does your character handle pet death /tg/?


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... this is a disaster.

We were all hoping for love to bloom, we weren't making fun of them.

At the very least someone should let the snakefuta know that.

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Argh fuck sorry, I ment to save it as a gif.

I was only trying to help ... why do things always go so wrong.

It does fit the message of the picture well though.

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