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How does the game run on a dual core processor? Still better than it would on the Xbox?

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how do space marine command structures work? There are groups of five (name unknown to me) in squads of 10 which are commanded by a sergeant, but then there is nothing between sergeants with their squads and companies with captains, which have 10 squads each. Do space marines have corporals or lieutenants? How does the rank of commander fit in to this?

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grumble flood grumble wtf

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I dont have Skype :(
But i'll post my email if you would want to keep me updated

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Get ready for a flying fist of fury, chump!

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I bring a just solution to all among our galaxy in this mighty squad of my own! I am part of this fortuitous Union. I join the call of my God! So should you!

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Cool. Deathwatch minis.

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Or just check this thread


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Well, since he carries a "Sacris Claymore" (Sacris being the Storm Wardens homeworld) instead of a combat knife, I couldn't resist putting it on.

Gregor I went pretty free-style on the others I tried to get close to their portrait art. I'm pleased with the details I managed to get close to.

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>I'm not even sure there are any Dark Angels in the Deathwatch

There is now, they're one of the 6 chapters in the book.

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I´ve done it wrong ^^

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Well, I played the Final Sanction adventure yesterday, and I must say, it rocked! I played the Apothecary, the rules are pretty much Dark Heresy, although the GM allowed us to have the Lightning Attack talent against the Hordes and Human Rebel Leagers and Generals.

That may have been too much, but damn if we didn't have many moments of awesome. I had one, while the poor Space Wolf got chewed up in the beginning, but he made up with breaking a random Genestealer before we had to leave. The Blood Angel Sepheran was death on legs to the Hordes, he had the most Righteous Furies. He was the first over the palisade in Chapter One and stood there, bullets splattering like raindrops as the poor peons explodes in showers of gore as each heavy bolter shell ripped the crowds apart.

Skold (I forgot his name, so I called him Brother Wolf which stuck. I got named Brother Apothecary) went over to face the 7 foot Rebel Leader, but that's when the Heavy Weapons Team decided to show their face, cutting the Space Wolf down, and putting him with a single Critical Wound disabling his gun arm. However, the Leader still needed to be taken down, and so I had my first moment of Awesome. Immediately after Elyas decided that HE was the well placed explosive, and rocket jumped into the building the Heavies were using, power fisted the main support pillar, rolled a critical success on a dodge to rocket jump out of the crumbling structure. We gave him that one. It was a wicked visual.

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