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>not playing the WoD system's Ducktales: the Quackening

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>spirits don't quite exist
>manga where there's ghost rooms through out a prison, with ghosts lounging around in them, talking animals, sentient stands that only other stand users can see etc...
>where the main villain of the series is a vampire who can summon undead
>spirit don't have much use
>spirits don't quite exist

What is this faggotry /tg/ and give me one good reason why I shouldn't slap it with my smiting hand?

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Yeah, that's a good way to tear a ligament or a muscle or lose a limb from loss of circulation - it's also stupid in terms of the relationship, because if something does go wrong the dom will get fucked up emotionally over it, and if you tell them "well I was suppressing the pain past the limits of my body" they can't trust you to give them the cues they need to do bondage on you SAFELY.

And that is legitimately a reason to break up with you, simply because you're not taking into account their need to know where your limits are so they don't override them.

This is the thing that annoys me about news media who go "oh those bondage fetishists are weird and scary, shun them shun them" is that BDSM based relationships tend to be really amazingly emotionally mature, more so than a lot of much more vanilla relationships.

Of course the ones that aren't tend to be less BDSM and more "abusive relationships with the occasional bouts of very dull rope play."
/BDSM rant

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No thanks then. Rather take fic requests and dig around place I already know for partners when the mood strikes. I write well enough but have no time for elitism and tired picky bullshit. I got SHIT to do.

Huh. Lesse. I enjoy Futa-on-female, cervical penetration, straight shota, cum inflation, monster-on-woman, pissing INSIDE of women (but not much else with piss really), crossdressing, impregnation, breeding frenzy, choking, knotting, horses, reluctance-into-consent, happy ends.

And a bunch more inconsequential shit I can't recall at the moment. I don't even want or need many of those at once, even one at a time is enough for me.

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>/tg/ wasn't around during 9/11
>not being around for the epic "Fly to Heaven" quest threads /tg/ did
>being this new

Next you'll be telling me that the "elf slav, wat do?" copy pasta didn't originate during the 90s when the balkans was the biggest conflict the US was involved in.

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...and the all lived heretically ever after.

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tfw the new Codex is actually another Tyranid codex that explains how the Tau have been wiped out and devoured by a Hive Fleet Weeaboo and fixes their army lists once and for all.

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All that girl on girl sexing leads to babies.

Wait a minute...

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Sup /tg/

Having recently got back into 40k I was (not actually) shocked to see that in order to sell more Space Marines, GW have seen fit to give them all manner of bullshit that was never in the codex before.

While leaving a lot of armies to rot. Including Sisters of Battle, which is a shame because they're fucking awesome.

As a result, I have run together some kind of house-ruled unofficial codex which brings them a bit more into line with modern 40k, where every other unit has Feel No Pain, Furious Charge, Invulnerable Saves and more.

See what you think - at the moment it is just mad ramblings written down while ludicrously tired but I think there's something to it.

The basic idea is SOB are now a half-way point between small elite armies of Marines and hordes of Guard - with lots of flamers etc for burning heretics.

Draft is here: http://www.mediafire.com/?yqajdfjqj4r57tj

Also there's no fluff for any of it. I don't know enough to write it.

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After you get over the shock of realizing that she is breeding, ask yourself "where did the sperm come from?"

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Apparently I'm in queue behind you.
I'm kind of grateful, the second /tg/ character I thought of was ol' Ragin' Johnny Fuklaw.

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Mm. Deluxe Cultist with Chaos and Sister Ringarde included.
I'm down, I'd buy a couple.

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I think that's a warrior priest

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Im not going to say anything, just think about it...

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Happy ending instead, why not.

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augment a space marine army with some sisters of battle, and throw in a warhound titan squadron to round it off

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