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>he didn't like Pursuit of Happiness or Seven Pounds

Shaking my head.

On the general's subject, however, I had a question come up at the table. A player is rolling a younger character and is really in love with the idea of a mentor spirit and wants one quite a bit, even is willing to pay the karma costs. Only problem is that their character is mundane.

I know in 4e you required a magic score to have a mentor spirit, but in 5e I didn't really notice any sort of requirement for mentor spirits outside of fluff. Do you think it'd be within the realms of possibility for something to act as a mentor spirit to them? He's aware he'd get no mechanical buff, technically, he just really enjoys the concept.

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Maybe this makes me the autist in the room, but I hate backstories. I'm there for the story story.

I'd rather involve my character in whatever's happening than have whatever's happening revolve around my character. I don't need or want any awkward "character spotlight" where the BBEG kidnaps my high school crush or raises my pet goldfish.

I know some people get off on that, and that's fine for them, I just don't care for it personally.

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Dammit, I'd forgotten how much I miss that damn series until this post

Now I have to rewatch Captain Tylor

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What would Warhammer be like if it was Girlhammer instead?

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