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If you're going down the Jeanne de Arc route and s/he rebukes or refuses to don the armour again because of what it has done then I imagine it'd have an interesting reaction.

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Hurr machine spirits don't have feelings.

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>whoever said that thing about unsanctioned machinery being a potential beacon for Chaos was clearly bullshitting
The Imperium doesn't believe that. They believe Abominable Intelligences are inherently evil.

Y'know, like the Necrons. Who might as well have necrodermis mustaches to twirl.

Though... there's the "Machine spirit". Which may or may not be AI. It's hard to say WHAT it is, but it exists.

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All I know is that i'm not going to let him go no matter what happens. Not even when they try to pry him from our hands will I let him go.

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You continue the conversation - imploring about Juliets life in the scholia - if she's made any friends and how her classes have been going. "My brethren and I are lectured by the electo-" she looks at the disapproving look Angelina gives her for a moment before correcting herself "by the servitors in battleprepearing exercises, like strategic and physical education, as for friends? I stand with my brethren!" she exclaims, again using that odd.. language. She's strange, but you don't mind her as much as some of the other planetborns, like the double heretic. "So schulte, here's the data - just hook it up..." the two of you lingering over the two dataslates - your bright white one, and Angelinas much darker version, coaxing the spirits within to talk with the uncerominal tapping and clicking of those uninitiated into the inner workings of the Mechanicus. While the two devices linger, completing their task angelina casually asks you: "Have you meet your mysterious roomate yet then Schulte?"

"No" you reply, "I've not seen him, or much of anyone - on that subject, your house is sort of diffrent from house five, its much spacier" both Juliet and Angelina turns to look at you, their faces impassive for a moment before Angelina manages to get out a ".. Did you just say house five schulte..?"

>And with that, Commissar Quest XIII: The Tea Party comes to an end (without much tea, IT WAS CUT, LIKE FIREFLY)

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>do this.

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You groan, letting your leg give in and sliding your arm down the side of the crate, breathing heavily you begin to inspect your chest as your bum falls flat on the ground bellow you - your bad knee already forced into bending, it was painful - but its dulled oddly - actually, most of your body feels dull, your thoughts however are speeded, the same feeling of your entire system going on over a hundred percent remains. The blast seem to have burned a hole in it, pocket - just above your hearth.. it was the place you kept your data slate... feeling inside you feel it, its still there - hot to the touch. Pushing towards it hurts, you presume its bruised bellow, craning your neck you try and look inside - you are greeted by the ruined inside of your slate.

The machine spirit inside it saved you...

Sacrificing itself to allow you to continue, none carrying it gave its life for you despite its humble nature, you've had it since ages past and the images of all the times you casually flicked it open, disregarded it on your bed comes flowing to your forbrain...

Pushing away the boys gun resting just bellow your neck tucked in between buttons you stroke it gently while removing it - ignoring the shudder of pain.

Its a wreck.. the screen ruined, you feel your lips parting and tears forming behind your eyes - this was the slate your uncle gave you, the last reminder besides your heavy steel boots of The Rangers Talent, and old friend, ruined.

Ruined, its empty black screens seem pleased with itself.. as if giving its life was good enough...

>While sobbing you ponder your next action...

>Get up, ITS PAYBACK TIME.(Roll)
>Remain where you are, damn it all!

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Uh huh.

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The shaking does not let up - but turbulence you can deal with, the issue is at this point the repeating mechanical voice calling out "Besvir landing in..." you try and ignore the sinking feeling in your chest, the feeling of impending doom as you get closer and closer to the planet in question...

Planet mold..

You give the sister in the white armor another look - she's not moved at all, it does give you a degree of comfort she's not agitated, but then again she's inside that indestructible looking armor...

"Planet besvir touch down in 45 seconds"

You pray....

The entire thing is very plain, something that would no doubt be etched into your mind forever, there was a low "thud", the ships dampeners bleeding away any force away from the rather "comfortable" crew comparments.

For a moment you simply presume you'd bumped into something before you hit the ground, you bit down hard and closed your eyes waiting for the big "bang"

It never came, instead the mechanical voice simply called out: "Plantet besvir touch down achieved, praise the machine god, anima libertus"

You open your eyes and look around... people are still in their webbing, but some have begun unbuckling themselves...

>What do we do...?

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Poor little bolt pistol.
All he wants is to kill heretics and xenos.

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Fuck you I remembered this

It can work if you cut every panel and make it gif.

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Never looked a guns the same again, right before I read this comic I also learned more about the Machine God so it had an enhanced impact on me.

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the end
i hope somebody saw this

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woops, forgot about this thread for a moment. last one.

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