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Looks cool though, not gonna lie. Been thinking of doing a custom ogre army once I finish with my current guys. Kinda want to get a pirate maneater to use as a Tyrant and then make a fleet of pirate themed ogres. Should be fun. I was thinking of using Ogres exclusively, since heavily armored Ironguts wouldn't fair well on the high seas, and plenty of Leadbelchers

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Used Tallarn Flesh to start with as a base, then used Reikland Flesh to get into the nooks and crannies and darken them up a little. Then I drybrushed it with Tallarn Flesh again to lighten them back up while still giving them a semi-tanned look.

Turned out way better than I expected overall for a first time. I do need to work on mold lines though. They aren't too noticable unless you look closely, but I'm really keeping up on it on the models I've just picked up

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