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No help? On my own to just try and find anything interesting on Google?

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As you play about with Keirran's intercomunicatus unit you conclude that it is not infact equipped with a tracing unit (being a standard intercomunicatus unit onboard an old warship) slowly and carefully you send small joltsof power through the outlets in her room successfully temporarilly disabling the output on the caster then slowly activating the input and wiring it to yourself you listen with all the care of an Inquisitorial Interogator.
Through her intercomunicatus caster you can hear the tapping of her keyboard as she inputs information through the logic engine's "keyboard" you cant tell much from this vantage point but she isnt typing in the same manner as one would conduct urgent buisness. In other words she is typing approximately 751words slower than Operator Raell who is manning your power balancing unit.
She also appears to be humming or singing
though youre not a certified musician or an artist, she isnt very good at it.

Your self diagnostics show that your Gellar field is running at its normal capacity the fluxing of the field doesnt seem to have changed since you breached the immaterium so as far as you can see, it seems the enginseers and ratings are doing a good job. As was expected of them, since this is not the first ship theyve been on.
>musing 748: "avoid abnormal ammounts of paranoia"

nudging info-banks in the noosphere and sending out repair requests and notices is a simple task you can accomplish, it would hardly take a concious thought to make it happen, though the problem would be making it sound like it came from a human, or
Mechanicus crewman. Afterall youve never had the chance to interact with a human before. Hopefully it shouldnt be too hard...
(Roll 1d20) for human communications skills.

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