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Violent rescue and purge of course, you xenos loving traitors.

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Tyranids were my first army, but it was this piece of art that finally sold me on 40k.

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Kind of relates to my thinking that for certain scenarios 40k doesn't lack in perpetrators either. For a Sister alone off the top of my head you could have rebels, pirates, renegade Guard, CSM, cultists, and possibly even Eldar corsairs or Dark Eldar. If set during a certain period of time you could take advantage of Sisters being mentioned as concubines for high level Imperial officials.

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I know and it has really dampened the passion I had for the hobby. I like the game well enough but it is the fluff that keeps me invested.

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>Wheres the best place to get a supply of Sisters helmets from? More or less just straight copies of what we have right now.
Anvil Industries. Great sallet helmets

>what's the point of the missionary? Is it just an alternative model for a "priest"? Or did it used to be its own unit?
Yes, they used to be HQs/3W Characters/Personality models with open Wargear access (depending on how far back you want to go). Check the Sisters of Battle 2e Codex for the simplest version - it's also got some good Jes Goodwin art, so it's not a total waste of your time.

That used to be a Retinue model with a flamer, effectively a Veteran Guardsman.
>no real reason why
To stop people being able to make customized Command squads, essentially. There was more to it than that, but in 7th-8th you see a massive migration. People's second-tier HQs (missionaries, Palatines, junior Inqisitors, etc.) and any former Character upgrade to a Command squad (Ancient, Techmarine, Sister Hospitallier..) all become Elites sold as a blistered character model instead. They also snuck in a couple characters in the backdoor with things like Blackstone datasheets that let you proxy in old Special Character models who are now long-dead (Pious Vorne is The Redeemer, the new priest is basically Confessor Kyrinov)

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Definitely looking forward to taking more Immolators. Also Relic blade is a must on my Verdyan too.

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Yeah Blanches shit smeared on a canvas would be better

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>I think I like the space warrior nun things too
I'm so sorry, anon. I do too, but GW hates them. I'll drop a few bits of 40k art, get the general aesthetic across. First up, the lovely Sisters of Battle

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Saw this on the cover of a friend's WD in the mid 90s and I knew this shit was for me.

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Stop this.


>Which factions are getting a codex??
Every major faction will be getting a codex.

>Is every army getting new models too?
Some of them. Certain armies will get new miniatures alongside their new codex, and others won’t.

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Give me Blanche or give me death.

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I find the heels cool because I love Blanche's absurd, over-the-top heavy metal aesthetic and anything which brings that into the miniatures scores major points with me.

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Cain really shouldn't be taken as typical.


Yes, they're a fighting force, but giving them something like a beret kind of clashes with the zealous warrior aesthetic.


Because of the BDSM aesthetic. It was also possibly done so that they were differentiated enough from Space Marines and possibly any other humans shown in power armor.

Given the way 40k sort of handles this stuff, it's possible that whatever they're wearing is flexible, but still as tough as something like carapace armor.

It'd be nice to get a more in depth look at Sister's technology, but that can likely only happen via FW.

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Trips tell the truth.

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no idea on the hairstyle but it is probably an 80's thing in addition to modern fems using somthing similar.

Here is the orginal SoB cover

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We are playing a quite detailed story about a whole Space Marine Chapter, so that's the reason it took us so long to play through a few decades within the game. Feel free to join in making decisions, you don't need to read all of the previous threads to know what's happening. just ask if you have any questions.

I agree with that line of thought. However it might turn out to be cheaper/more expensive depending on how successful Kay is. I'd say it could vary between 25 and 75, possibly some of the loot from the salvaged war machines will cover part of the costs.

So, do you want Seran to prepare to crack the cogitator? Would you mind linking me to the last time you did that? why didn't we finish then?

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Easily this. It's metal as fuck

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Still GW's best artist.

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I really like the lady boner sisters get for space marines since they are the perfect soldiers of the emperor. they are like the 40k version of the overly attached girlfriend meme. its a funny/cool relationship

also of course sisters aren't space marines

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>There are people out there right now who don't like 40k's beautifully absurd Heavy Metal aesthetic

The boobplate's just a part of the greater whole. If they get rid of that, what else are they going to get rid of? I like 40k ridiculous. I like flying lobotomized babies, hills of flaming skulls, and creepy old men in robes waving books at people.

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