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What does that make eldritch bargaining?

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>Perks and Drawbacks
Freak: 18
Monster: 25
Empowered, Mind 24
Empowered, Magic 23
Wonder, 28
>what do you do
>God Aura
Aura, a city block 5
Incantation, spell 0.25
Magic Trick, hide 0.5
Delusion, 20
20X5X0.25X0.5 = 12.5
>Lucky Luck
Self, whole body 1
Permanence 0.5
Absolute 24
>danger sense
Aura, a few dozen meters 3
Sense, 1
3x1 = 3
>magic antenna
Self, one limb 0.5
Sense, 1

28 - 12.5 - 12 - 3 - 0.5 = 0

The wondrous item is a lucky clover. The determinant is unnoticed.
As long as there is no proof that I am not worshipped as a god, I can make it true by chanting my spell.

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I need more non-humanoid demon art

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Dude, it's so easy.
Have you even tried looking at a magic tome? That shit is like a fine science. You have to apprentice to a stuck up archmage for like a bazillion years just to be able to read it.
Meanwhile, here in necroland, you dig up some corpses and you're more than halfway there. You can just use the souls of the dead as fuel and it all sustains itself, you'd have to screw up on purpose to fail.
I mean yeah, it's dickish to the stiffs or whatever, but just don't use the bodies of people you like. I mean, it's not that big of a brain teaser, is it?

Listen, I like you, so I'll throw you a deal. Buy the necromancy book and I'll throw in a free demon sigil.
How's that sound?

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Nearly every familiar I've ever had as someone who regularly plays casters has fallen flat, even with good characters. I think it's chiefly because you're sort of expected to play them yourself, but that doesn't really work. The GM needs to take an interest in playing your familiar as an actual character for them to have any sort of payoff. The only good ones I've had are ones that were actual demons or devils that the GM decided to use against me by twisting my commands to do evil (more than I would find tolerable as a morally grey character).

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Warlock contracts should be a character progression option available to any class.

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The powerful demons have reason to make sure power is clearly and credibly communicated. If there's uncertainty over what you're going to get out of a deal the average expectation would be below the upper echelons.
The upper echelons of demons do not want their power underestimated, that would mean they have less bargaining power in convincing a warlock to make a pact.
For the weakest of demons the incentives are reversed, they will want to muddle the waters. But they are weak and by definition have less ability to get their way.

Therefore, a strict measure or certificate of power ranking is sure to be introduced.
If you can't have a measuring device for demon power there are still other ways.
The demons could get together can develop rankings showing their power. Only the weakest demons would be opposed to this so anyone not obtaining a certificate is automatically considered trash tier.

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