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Gave my Half-Orc Axe Thrower a Ring of Jumping.

Now he's doing 40 foot jumps during combat, which I think needs to cut into his movement for the turn right? That's RAW.

So he runs 10 feet, takes off into the fucking air and throws some axes during his vault then I stop him at 20 feet cause he's used his 30. The round makes its way through and back to him, who comes down another 20 feet from his last turn's Jump, throws a few more axes, then takes another 10 feet run to get ready for the next Jump.

Other players are getting salty cause he's got such a fun gimmick but I think he's making great use of his random goofy magic item I rolled. I also think they might be misinterpreting the way combat's segmented up to think that he's actually stopping in mid-air after his turn instead of smoothing the entire round out in the theater of the mind.

My question is twofold:
>Does Jump let you triple your height on a high jump or only distance on a long jump?
>Am I in the wrong in any way, RAW/RAI at least, for ruling it as happening this way?

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After recruiting via posters, I've got [potentially] 9 people showing up for a session zero. I usually am okay with lots of people for session 0 because in my experience I've often had lots of just no shows in the past.
Three of them are close friends that are definitely going to be in the group.

How fucked am I/What's a fair criteria for cutting people if everybody shows? I'm used to larger groups, but more typically 6-7 players is my cap.

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>Ian Miller

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>Yolona Oss

Aww, yes.

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>Shadowrun's Africa
Fuck yiisssssssss

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Goddamn, the human ship designs blow the aliens' out the fucking water. Go home xenos, you aren't even trying.

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>[ ] "I'll just watch you from there." Sit out for now and just watch her. You never told her you'd play with her, you told her you would just take her to the playground.

Onii-chan, you're so flippant.

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Oh jeebus! Oh lawd!

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thanks for running

>the sky turned red.

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>mfw the Eidolon gets Leadership and the horrible cycle begins anew

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It makes for funny reaction images.

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Bard Knight stronk

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Praise the Dice Gods

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>Unless you're crazy or something
Don't be this woman. This is a good example of what NOT to do.

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>turn the USA server into a giant airship
>invade Europe


I can't wait until we are able to build a world spell device. It'll be so much fucking fun.

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>Catgirl Rena
>Catgirl Cythnia
>Catgirl Bridgette

Soon fellow questers, soon...

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I used to consistently make my characters skilled in certain areas but mechanically weak to getting captured. The reason for this is that I thought it would be great for the story and I didn't mind sitting through three or four sessions if it were ever to happen because it makes my lady parts tingle to think of what might happen to my knight/barbarian/merchant/whatever if they were to get captured by bandits.

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>just upright socking the witch in the jaw
>just punching that motherfucker out with a right cross



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Mr. deathclaw s- stop

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>working as a mercenary for the Combine

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