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I could never decide. Affinities are usually fetishes right? I'm stuck between undead and lolis.

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Yeah, so? I like zombie tits.

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I want undead vagoo but I hate Sylvanas for being an evil cunt. Wanting a zombie waifu does not mean defending all female zombies.

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It's an old parody of a setting called Gor. Gor is basically Conan plus like, extreme male domination and rape fantasies. Women there are enforced by magic into enjoying rape and submission, and that same magic prevents technology from working. So that line is altered from an original spoken by two women being 'broken in' by their master.

The really funny thing about Gor is that some people think it's real and/or try to live it out as a form of extreme BDSM. And yes there are women who are into it. Seriously.

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Your subjective definition of disgusting is as relevant to anyone else as what you had for dinner last night, senpai. Stop whining and nobody will care. Keep whining and you'll get called out. Simple. Jesus isn't going to come down and reward you for insulting people on 4chan.

I guess violent videogames make you a murder. Thanks, Jack Thompson.

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