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agreed. 10 times over.
I think best case
>wizard clubs where once every 3 years wizards together come up with a way to test their apprentices
>its a dick measuring contest
>bets are made on apprentice survival, wins etc..
>wizards secretly try to cheat, sabotage, twist rules
>this is accepted under grognard pretense of
>"If you want to be a real wizard like us, you have to expect the unexpected"
in that particular picture, it makes her dead as she apparently really fucked up her magic circle, given that demon found a way to extend a claw past it mid conversation.

She is about to get gruesomely raped with soul extraction mid coitus.

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If you liked the first one. I highly recommend the second and third books. I finished book two and am partway through book 3. Pic related is one of my favorite stories and that's towards the end of book 2. Not sure where the best place to get them are.

Gonna give that a read. So far for Conan stories, I only read Phoenix on the Sword, which was an awesome read.

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Fuck yeah I do. Been reading Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser myself. Leiber's work honestly strikes that perfect feel of what I want out of a campaign.
I haven't read anything after A Wizard of Earthsea for that series, but I quite enjoyed that book.

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Nothing yet for Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser's exploits? I guess I'll shill for them then. Good action and even a few humerous moments. Pic related is from one of my favorite stories. The women in the pic are actually spiders

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It's ok anon, they're caged : )

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