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Only after practically destroying the system and fucking up its sun. Enjoy the radiation.

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I am so fucking eager to see the first 6th edition codex.

So many things I want to see clarified, so many trends I suspect that are due that I want to see if I'm right about.

Which book is it set to be anyway? DA or Chaos?

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I have a question for the people of /tg/. I've been wondering about it for quite a while after glancing through the codex.

In one part of the fluff, it says
>Freed from tradition, constraint and responsibility, a Chaos Space Marine can exercise his every whim, whether it is for bloodshed, sensual pleasure, ambition, love or hatred.'

The love aspect of that got me wondering. What exactly does that get at? Conventional love as we think of it? Are there any cases of Chaos Marines having any sort of thought other than conquest and slaughter, maybe towards affection? To think of a renegade marine pursuing love just seems odd.

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The guy who runs 2 Daemon Princes and khorne berzerkers/plague marines with 6-9 obilterators. I hate THAT GUY. We have 2 down at my place.

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