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It has copyright on it, so it most likely is.

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Orcs you say

I love playing an Orc Barbarian, noble savage

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I always thought one of the neatest excerpts from the Lord of the Rings trilogy was the part in the Return of the King where Sam infiltrates an Orc encampment trying to rescue frodo. It's one of the few times orcs get any significant amount of dialogue or attention, and what really struck me was the way they acted.

They weren't evil caricatures. Sure, they weren't nice people, but they felt like people. In fact, more to the point, they felt like *soldiers.* They were tired of the war, tired of having to follow orders, tired of how much their lives sucked and their food rations were shit. But they knew they didn't have a choice, that the only thing to do was complete their duty and look out for number 1 as best as possible.

They were spiteful and angry because their lives sucked and they wanted to get back at *something.* They demonstrated a measure of loyalty to their immediate comrades and unit, and distaste for an Orc who politicks and curries favor by being extra kiss-ass to the Eye in order to advance himself at the expense of his fellow Orc.

It really made me feel like if they'd had the chance, they could have been decent enough people. They just never had a chance, because their lives were full of misery and shit and cruelty bound in inescapable service to the greatest evil of their time. Even if they could have deserted, they're still screwed, because everyone else hates Orcs to the point of "kill on sight."

Orcs hate everybody not because they're innately evil and hateful, but because everybody else hates them. If you get a puppy and spend every moment of his growing days kicking him, when the puppy grows up it's going to hate you and take every opportunity it can to bite you or shit on your lawn.

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>Yeah, but we have "sexy orc musclegirl" threads all the time.
Not really. Its usually just dumping elves while /tg/ explains how they would rape them, dwarf chicks, or dragoncocks. Greenskins get no love.

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>generic tsundere moefaggotry
Nah, fuck that. Orcs are too cool for that noise. They don't give a shit bout your tits, so long as you can rock the axe and loot while you fight you're gold.

Go make a dwarf if you wanna pull that BAWW, PATRIARCHY tsunshit.

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Anytime. Orcs are probably my favorite fantasy race. And orks are possibly my favorite scifi race.

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Also these dudes, just cuz.

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Yeah, but its a grubby, savage cute rather than some kinda muscly fetish babe.

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Juvenile orcs and retired veterans do that menial labor, too, respectively forced to do it before they are allowed to wield a blade or finding the task relaxing after decades of war. They have been doing this long before they had vassals, its just that non-orcs tend to never gain orc status and be allowed to join the war effort or even the local government because they just cant keep up with the orcish pace of life. Orcs live hard, mang.

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I'm not a big fan of Blackguard Rock. Call me a purist, but you have to go full Nomad Rock like the Arzkoth and the Firesingers to really get the full orcish experience.

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Theres rare cases of it, like Asians with big tits. Either way, in the world of fantasy, orcs get to have both.

Shit, they don't even need to be built super-muscly, just make em look like they got some strength behind em. You know, like a gal who has worked all her life.

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While I am pretty much 99% on board with that, I feel like too many people just slap tusks on a green chick and call it a day.

For example, I wouldve mistook your picture for a goblin were it not for the tusks. It lacks a certain something...orcish to it.

Meanwhile, these pictures have no tusks but still feel orky as fuck. To me, anyways. Maybe I'm just being weird about this.

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pic related?

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That's true.

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With the exception of the loaning to lieutenants part, that's pretty much exactly how it works in TES. Orcs are kinda like lions, I guess.

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>Orc women

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