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Forgeworld sells a model with a conversion beamer:


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For conversion beamer, pic related. The shoulder pads are their own separate piece so you can put your own chapter's on.

For your list, eventually you want at least 2 squads of 10 or 4 squads of 5 marines. For 500 I'd recommend playing basic games against friends with just MotF and 20 marines instead of cramming Sternguard in there. You will lose at 500 points to armies like Tau and IG no matter what if they try to cheese you.

Later on, get that Sternguard to 10, in a drop pod, without the heavy flamers. Get combi-flamers if you want the template.

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I mean, I can kind of pretend the Master of the Forge is a special character, except he's not. Take two and pretend they're Iron Fathers?

I'm tempted to get this faggot from Forge World, put different pauldrons on him and give him a power weapon and boltgun instead of "LOL I HAVE MECHADENDRITE WHIPS TO SLAP BITCHES WITH"

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Hey...hey guys......look what Forge World made...

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