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>Best friend who is a NEET stopped showing up to our FLGS last year.
>Seen him a few times since then
>Lives in parents basement and is now 30
>No job and thinks he's above us lowly peasants
>Caught him talking to himself while pacing and sometimes talking to his models like they're real
>Jokes about disturbing shit and constantly browses gore threads on /gif/
>Laughs when he hears about women getting murdered or beaten
>Saw him a few days ago and he said he quit playing 40k with other people and now just sets up cultists for his space marines to kill at home
What the fuck is happening to my friend /tg/?

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This might just be me leaning towards a favorite setup for running games, but I'm imagining Group DM'ing, since all the kids are essential to bounce off each other and few enough that it's feasible. Maybe distribute them randomly with at least one you can pick specifically. For something ultimately very social focused I think it would be best. And the subgroups would still let it be fresh playing the same character over several days.

>He Was Asking For it: Once per day, Kevin can automatically win a physical fight with other characters. He can steal points from other characters if they were asking for it. This includes trying to deceive Kevin, embarrassing Kevin, and repeatedly insulting Kevin. He receives no points from characters with no points or if he picked the fight. He looses points if he beats up another character in front of a Naz, even if they were asking for it.

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We're gonna charge kids in the Cull de Sector to visit this Daemon world! We're gonna be rich!

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does anyone discuss the actual game here anymore or is it just arguments over gender politics?

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>that stuffed bra
>that fat mid section
>gross legs
>downward photo

It's a dude!

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I want to get into 40k and make an Inquisition army
I've played Infinity, WarmaHordes, Warhammer Fantasy pre-AoS, Malifaux, and Flames of War

What's a good starting point range for 40k or could I put together a Shadow War force and just add onto it from there?
What are some essentials for playing Inquisition?
How much will I get shit on playing Inquisition?

Most importantly I must absolutely field an eversor

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what the fuck that model is fucking badass.

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>Looks back at the mess, that is the damage report.
"Is there anyway, somehow, to epediate it? perhaps you could help"
>He sqeezes his eyes together
"the mechancus forces...put it back togethe..."
>His voice goes very shallow.
"Again... like they taught you back on mars..."
>the cadet scartes his head with a ungloed hand.
"Are you ever going to do anything machine releated?"
>The look of anxitey cloaks his face.
"At all.."
>The Cadet takes a breather
"Look can you make me a Servo Skull? I have the skull already!"
>He pulls a skull out of the rucksack, on his back.

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Hush you.

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The 1d4 article for tempestus is actually not bad. Probably because theres so little to fuck up. Tempestus are a fast paced and fun army to play, except in a game don't expect to win against anyone in middle or upper tiers

>spare codex
Are you lucky enough that its hardback and not paperback?

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I don't know enough about cain, other than he has an imperial sanctioned cult. Can i get some heroic specifics?

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all commissar memes aside, the primer is propaganda material that fulfills it's intended (and unintended) purposes: occupying the mind of new, disposable guradsmen with adhering to imperial regulations and unintended purpose being readily available toilet paper for vets.

an accurate, informative un-uplifting primer goes against the fundamental imperial belief in the unquestioning superiority of mankind. any concessions made to xeno species would directly or indirectly contradict that foundation.

ultimately this is the fatal flaw of any society/nation based on a belief in one's own superiority: there can be no acknowledgement of anything else possessing a good quality. the result is that underestimating the enemy is integrated into strategical planning.

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Any 40k RPG asides from DW
All of Sunday, PST
Lazahman on steam, skype and roll20
Would really like to play a Rogue Trader game

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>Chimeras are now 14/13/12 and 25pts each
>Leman Russ is now 14/14/13/ with ceramite plating, 40pts each
>Guardsmen are T4 and can all take special weapons
>veterans are BS5 with 3+ armor and get free Chimeras
>Lasguns are now assault 3 rapid fire S4 AP4 30" range
>Entire codex fires overwatch at full BS, even the tanks.
>Baneblades are troop choices if Creed is your HQ. They have stealth and shrouded on the first turn, also a 4++ against melta and lance weapons.

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