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I'd like a rendition of this character in a set of winter clothes with a Muscovite Tsardom flair to them please. Feel free to take artistic license with your interpretation. Also, I'd like the drawing style less anime, more western or realistic style. While I like anime art style, I want to use the pic for a fantasy rpg game where such a style would be out of place (Even if there are cat people in the GM's homebrew setting).

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And as a treat, here are all my Oni and Dragongirl files. Uncensored.


There will be duplicates.

If I feel better, tomorrow. If not, I plan on Friday. More fires in the valley=more smoke here.

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Rolled 97

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Which RPG creates the most immersion, verisimilitude, and accurate world simulation?

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In 3.5, what happens when you have the Leadership feat and an item that gives you a bonus to Charisma, and you take the item on and off?

Do more followers come to you/leave you all of a sudden?

What happens if the difference is enough to increase/reduce the level of your cohort?

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You turn to regard the angry person shouting at you with your new sense of confidence and poise. You are able to maintain your cool, collected appearance for only a short moment before your facade drops once you see who it is that is shouting at you.

It was the Bandit from two days earlier and she looked terrible. Her dress was torn and shredded every which way, and it looks as if she's taken to keeping herself covered by tying together the scraps and pieces. It used to be an enormous, cumbersome ballgown that hugged and lavished every inch of her plump, voluptuous curves with ruffles and lace and frills, and it hadn't even survived a couple days Unlike you, her dress wasn't some convenient, heavily enchanted magical wonder that kept her clean and shifted itself to accommodate her.

Her catlike features were still present, which only made her stand out even more, what with the shouting, the ragged appearance, and her rather impressive figure. Her ears lay flat against her head and her tail lashes about wildly, betraying her mixed emotions.

She's dirty, ungroomed, barefoot, and though she looks absolutely livid as she locks her sight on you, you can see the tears welling up in her eyes..

>Well, fuck.. wat do?

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Some kind of female animal shaman?

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