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So was the case for the Europeans because spears were real easy to make

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So /tg/, I just got out of Brave and I feel inspired to run a campaign set in Scotland around the time of the first war, but probably the second.
Post some Scottish landscape and lets brainstorm how to handle a wartime setting and working such a diverse mythos into the game.

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Fellow fa/tg/uys!

I'm currently looking for the full version of histopedia. Does any of you can give me a proper and working download link?

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My current project is figuring out why everyone in New Teegee vanished at the exact same time.

There were at least 10 vocal members focused on building the town, in addition to the 20-30 ??? making a place for themselves. Then suddenly 90% of the population disappears while I'm asleep.

What the heck happened guys? Was there an invasion? A bear? Christian rapture?

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Well, that and the barbarian tribes they failed to completely conquer got their shit together. CELTICA, REPRESENT!

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Greetings, /tg/

For a while now, I've had a concept for a system in mind, and I'd like to know what you think of it.

There are no classes.
Character progression is (so far) based on combat styles; For example: Two handed weaponry, javelins, bows, weapon and shield, single weapon, spears, and so on.
Although it will need refinement, I'm considering having currency be what you use to improve your skills, instead of using experience. You find a master to train you further in a style, with more complicated techniques costing more money than simpler ones (although this raises questions like "why do you need to find a master, why can't I train myself?" or "money != the first-hand experience of fighting").
Currently, there is pretty much no magic in the game. This is because I've always felt that magic was some 'I can do anything!' power. Also, I find it hard to wrap my head around how you create a ball of fire in your hand out of thin air and not burn yourself as you throw it at your opponent. Long rant short, if theres no feasible way to describe how it works, it won't be put in.
You can train in every combat style (currently) with no penalties.

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>eyes super far apart
>normally spaced eyes on that helmet


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Fuck y'all Romans.

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and here's a pic

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