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This actually looks really good.

More BTs btw.

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Templars are based bro.

Therr are alot of 3rd party bits that help out with the asthetics, ive been looking at the Primaris Apocathary for an Emperors Champion/veteran conversion.

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>gets destroyed to a man for the 8th time
>better than BTs

In what world?

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black templars codex please

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3. We issue generous offers for their representatives to tour our battle-barges, see our legionnaires during their live-fire exercises, feast them on luxuries taken from worlds we have subjugated, gift them trophies taken from our foes. If they are currently at war with another foe. After our hospitality, we issue ultimatums with no implied consequences, tell them to think about it, then return them home on a thunderhawk in the company of a full squad of our silent warriors.
4. The entire legion is divided into 8-man kill teams which select their own captains. Every 8 kill team is grouped together and the captains of those teams select a leader amongst themselves. The same for every higher tier of command. Because each legionnaire is expected to act as an individual unit, the captains are more meant to stop units from being overly reckless than direct them. However, above them is a senior command staff handpicked by me on the occasions we need more than a few hundred marines on one battlefield.
5. We remain loyal because it’s more fun to rip and tear daemons and cultists than imperial auxilia and space marines.
6. A baroque suit of artificer armour decorated like a byzantine church with extra servos in the legs for explosive charges, and a power sword as tall as I am, with an elongated handle providing leverage so the sword has the agility of a blade a third as short.
7. Barely, it was running itself before I got there. I point at a planet, tell them to do their thing, then adventure around with my personal unit, using it as a force multiplier at the most critical points.

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Wolf Lord Rho makes discussion some interesting videos about the books he reads. He usually discusses specific characters and their feelings on the situations they're in.

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Here you go

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Post jobbers.

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Post Jobbers

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‘I serve a power greater than yours,’ Khârn roared, lifting up Gorechild, sunlight sparkling from its mica-dragon tooth blades. Flecks of the Templar’s blood showered down upon him. ‘You are hollow, Sigismund. Hnnh. You’ll never beat me again.’

>Sigismund dived aside, too late to fully avoid the blow. Dragon’s teeth caught his left thigh, ripping chunks from power armour and genhanced muscle.

>In that moment Sigismund understood Keeler’s words and knew that he was beaten. As legionaries there were none among the traitors that could match him. The Legions’ greatest had always been his inferiors. Corswain of the Dark Angels. Jubal of the White Scars. Khârn of the World Eaters. Sevatar of the Night Lords. Lucius of the Emperor’s Children. Abaddon of the Luna Wolves.

>But as he looked at the warped figure that had once been his sword-companion, he knew that he no longer fought legionaries. He had to be more too, something pure to match their vileness. To draw strength from a power beyond himself.

>The Emperor.

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You played a lot of runescape?

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By purging

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Hips needs to be wider and waist narrower for maximum reverse trap.

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I came here to post this, and I was even going to say the exact same thing you did.

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My attempt at an Emperors Champion based off pic related. The head is from Maxmini, the body is from dreamforge, and the rest is mostly from Deathwatch Vanguard Veterans.

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They are knights templar in space. They know only hate. Other chapters have some kind of structure, BT only have religious zeal and will go from crusade to crusade without consideration for their overall chapter infrastructure.

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And an example of brighter, cleaner artwork that still has the 40k feeling to it.

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Praise be to the Emperor!

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>not wanting to look fabulous on the battlefield

probably the paint job. if you take another few layers you could soften the face but it's a bit beyond my skill.

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>incestuous pedophile

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"Oh, hey Tank." You wave casually as Amy and Natalia quickly pick up bundles of hair to cover themselves up. Carly clears some of the hair from her eyes and also waves.

Tank looks to you, then to Amy and Natalia, and then to Carly. Obviously he was wondering what the hell was going on.

"Tank!" You dash up and hug the armored soldier.

Only for nothing to happen.

Well, either the effects of the concoction had finally worn off, or maybe Tank's armor was proof against your acidic sweat. Either way, now you looked a bit silly.

Tank just shakes his head and scoops you up in his arms. It was time to get you a fresh change of clothes.

"Hey Tank wait! What about us?" Amy whines.

Tank shrugs. The Captain was the priority. Everybody else could wait.

"Damnit Taaaaaaank!" Amy wails as Tank takes his leave, with you safely tucked away in his arms to hide your naked body away from curious eyes.

Good thing it was also hiding away your blushing face. This felt really relaxing for some reason...

>And that's it for tonight! As always, next thread is next week! And don't forget KanColle on Fridays!

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"Um..." You look at Tank and then the out cold Carly. "Some help, please?"

Tank just shakes his head and stomps forward, scooping both you and Carly up and hauling both of you over each of his shoulders like sacks of flour.

"H-hey, Tank!" You whine. "Quit it!"

Tank doesn't stop. He's been listening to you and holding back this whole time, only to see you cock it up by nearly getting yourself and your sister killed in a dumb bar brawl. He was in charge now, no ifs ands or buts.

"Stubborn ass." You grumble.

Tank doesn't listen, instead making a beeline straight back to Carly's quarters. Thankfully, he doesn't run into Bolts, or else there would have had have been a LOT of explaining to do. Tank then marches you and Carly into the bathroom.

FINALLY, Tank sets you down on your feet while he props Carly up on the toilet. He hits the button to turn on the shower and then points to you.

Or more specifically, your uniform.

"W-what?" You blink, not quite understanding him.

Tank jerks his thumb. Take it off.

Take it-


>I-if that's how you want it...
>At least give us some privacy!

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"Taaaaaaaank." You glare at your bodyguard while still laying in the bed, careful not to wake up Carly.

Tank immediately snaps to attention, his arms flailing as he tries to explain himself. After all, he saw Carly crawling into the top bunk while you were asleep, and he couldn't very well just leave her up there unsupervised, so he decided to just standby until you woke up.

"That doesn't explain how you saw Carly getting into my bed in the first place." You narrow your eyes.

Tank freezes up, unable to come up with a satisfactory answer.

>Eh, you'll let him off the hook this time.

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