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I think it's more that you can find absurd amounts of 40k crossovers, for no apparent reason.

If you want, since this thread is soon to be damned, I could post a bunch of random 40k crossovers.

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If the god-emperor had wanted you alive, he would have protected you. The Emperor Protects his loyal servants, and none more than his favoured sons in the astartes. By using dreadnoughts, you're declaring yourself to know better than Him, and are therefore a heretic.

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On the subject of AI...

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>I don't think..
>We came back with a guest..

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There's actually a very simple - though NOT easy - way to defeat the Tyranids.

Step 1: Revive a Man of Iron,

Step 2: Convince it not to kill you and try to take over the galaxy. (This is the almost impossible part)

Step 3: Use DAoT Era Robot swarms which give the Tyranids no viable biomass to eat, and you get as many as you can manufacture. During the DAoT each world had *Legions* of Titans and innumerable armies of Robot infantry. If you could successfully get a Man of Iron to re-establish a few worlds dedicated to pumping out robot armies, you might well succeed in simply beating-back the Tyranid advance.

Of course, this would never happen. Everyone wisely avoids Men of Iron AI that has survived (because they're FUCKING INSANE AND GODLIKE) and those that don't occasionally end up with a fate worse than death.

However, MAYBE if the Tau discover a sealed-away Man of Iron, defeat it, and successfully reverse engineer it, they could push back the Tyranids.

But then they'd just be sealing their own fate. There's a good reason why mankind abandoned them, after all.

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The Tau are basically at the same tech level as Golden Age humanity, before the Dark Age of Technology.

They know their science, they understand their stuff, and it is GOOD stuff. But they are still in control of their own things, and their understanding is fairly limited.

The Imperium still has the technology of the Dark Age of Technology, but they no longer understand it. The Dark Age of Technology human race reached levels that were competitive with the Eldar at their height - just not nearly so advanced with warp tech. They utterly crushed the galaxy, conquering it utterly. They drove back the Orks, thousands of nonhuman empires, and nightmare creatures. They had mass produced armies of billions of machines less capable than a Space Marine, but better than a Guardsman. They had LEGIONS of the greatest Titans. The computers designed technologies that laughed in the face of physics, made them masters of all they saw.

The Imperium still has that technology, but it understands jack shit. Most of what it DOES use is practical low level stuff converted to war. Leman Russ tanks are converted tractors, yet still better than many alien tanks. Terminator armor sets are actually just construction worker suits converted to war. And the list goes on.

When the Imperium brings out the high tech, it brings out the HIGH tech, and is unstoppable. But there's very, very, very fucking little of it to go around, and it barely works. And no one knows how to fix most of it.

So long story short: The Imperium is much, much more advanced than the Tau, but the Tau are unlikely to ever face anything other than the dregs of the Imperium, because there are bigger enemies to fry.

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Really? She's opening doors for me, and is polite as most of you guys are.

Of course, I talk to her, and try to be polite in return. That might be something to it.

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By the Omnissiah, this is a relic of the Dark Age of Technology!

A lascannon that can be carried around by general soldiers? With the STC design for this device, we could equip the Skitarii to fight the space marines and finally take ov-

I mean, fight the forces of chaos of course.

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The men of iron are more like two creatures.

One is the mass-produced robotic bodies, which vary in strength and toughness.

The other is the actual AI the runs the bodies, which can be housed in a body or be a large, immobile facility. It can transfer itself between different machines.

There's a short story that shows some bog-standard humans fighting a small army of Iron Men animated by an AI that's been locked away for 10,000 years.

The bodies themselves are strong, tough, AND numerous. They're mass-produced robots directed by an intelligent AI well beyond human level who also happens to be utterly batshit insane and evil.

That's the big reason they did so well during the Golden Age. The individual "infantry level" bodies weren't much better than your average guardsman, but they were mass produced and directed by something far smarter than any human.

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Actually, it's not that the Imperium is stupid.

It's that they're using stuff that they never designed in the first place.

Basically, mankind hit the point of no return - basically triggering the singularity. Their computers designed better computers, which designed even better computers, and so on.

Humanity, although technically in charge, were left far behind by the pace of technological progress. They had no idea how any of their shit worked - and didn't need to know, anyway. The computers made it all.

But then came the age of strife, where the machine was touched by chaos, and nobody had any kind of fucking clue what to do.

Mankind miraculously defeated the machines, but they now had no clue how to use their own stuff. What remained was designed to be run by advanced, godlike AI - and was now running on AI with the intelligence of a dog, MAYBE.

The techpriests have spent 10,000 years trying to figure out how all that shit works. And they've got something that works. It's terrible compared to the DAoT, but it is functional.

For a story about the age of strife, check my thread here:

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Or advances in the field of quantum computing could create a storage device robust enough to store a virtual human brain and perform all the calculations necessary for such an operation.

Then again, does that count as you being alive?

Either way, I would still opt into it.

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this is why we don't play with toys we don't understand

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They should have let you join the many or SHODAN.
They both offered to change you and make you like them. But the game never let you accept.

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Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network

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Disregard cautionary tales. Construct AIs.

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Incense, man. Helps with everything. I swear, I even get less lag when I burn it while gaming.

Then again, machines that desire to be worshiped, well.... They don't usually end well.

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#1 I guess.
Does she need a sweating, panting hacker to "run through her halls"?

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Mmm, a machine that speaks hex, classy.
Praise the Omnissiah!
01010000 01110010 01100001 01101001 01110011 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100111 01101111 01101100 01100100 01100101 01101110 00100000 01100100 01110010 01100001 01100111 01101111 01101110 00100001

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Fine, fine, whatever, just, toss it on that table of random shit you spess maroons keep bringing me. We'll take a look at it later, probably just tune down the emitter coils for little girly marine here. Mayhaps add an ion channeler and extra plasma chamber if you have been very good this season.

Now, go away. I must to inspect the form and function of this most ancient and sacred Machine Spirit.... thoroughly...

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>A normal Techpriest's reaction to A.I.:
>The Machine Spirit talks back! What a wondrous thing!
It is strongly implied that there are a lot of simple and some not-so-simple AIs. The AdMech just thinks that they are 'Machine Spirits' because they aren't that good at recognizing what is AI and what isn't.
In the Titan comic the fact that the Titan can talk to its crew doesn't phase anyone. Of course it can, it has a powerful Machine Spirit. Or, in non-retard speak, it has an on-board AI.

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