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Throwing weapon adepts are ridiculous. You take a high rating throwing weapon skill, with lobbing +2 specialization for grenades. Then you proceed to throw the grenades at the targets with the help of Missile Mastery and Power Throw adept powers. Missile mastery adds +1 DV to all non-explosive weaponry and lets you use anything from throwing cards to pens with a DV of (STR/2) Phyisical or stun damage (your choice). Power Throw adds 2 to the character’s effective Strength solely for the purpose of determining range and damage of thrown weapons and objects for every rank of the power you have (Maximum = your magic attribute) You could be killing people with the grenades before they even blow up, and then the explosion would result in even more carnage depending on whether or not your enemies' allies are nearby him. It's in Street Magic Page 178/179.

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I'm assuming that they can still choose from any of the magical traditions available(Or a well made homebrew one) to assign their spirit load out?

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Alright /tg/ I've got a serious dilemma on my hands.

I'm about to run a shadowrun campaign, and I have no idea how to challenge my players. They seem to have it all. I currently have

- An ork Jack-of-all-Trades
- A human sniper mage centered around killing other mages
- An AI hacker/technomancer
- A human mad scientist/doctor
- and a human smuggler.

I really have no idea what to throw at these people to make them scratch their heads and think about how to go at things.

Please help, /tg/

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Hey /tg/

My friends have pressured me back into running a shadowrun campaign. I've thought of just about everything I needed to, and have now hit a snag.

See, we all live far enough from one another that it just isn't an option to all get together. I've been playing around with different table options, but haven't found one that supports the rules well enough. I know that most of them are designed for D&D, but there's got to be something that can be adapted for Shadowrun, right?

Any way my favorite board can help me?

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>Any suggestions?
Learn the rules in and out. Build a character.

>What shoud I expect?
You play as a criminal, you do dirty deeds to earn money any way you can. You probably won't even learn what resulted of your actions from a specific run.
>What edition?
Lots of folks prefer 3e's fluff, but most players prefer 4e.
>Any necessary splatbooks?
Whatever the GM allows and pertains to your character. Augmentation and Arsenal are popular choices.
>Can you point me towards online resources and pbp/chat games?
That's research you gotta do on your own. Lot of players are outside of the US, since WizKids mostly marketed it to Germany and France (most of the novels based on the recent stuff going on in the game world are in German, only the really important ones are translated). Just ask around on forums and chats is all I can say.

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Shadowrun was the first game system I got in to. And it informed the kind of player I am now. Sure, I can sit down to a table an play a less 'brain heavy' game like DND, where all I have to do is add numbers and attack the monster. I don't have to worry about who's trying to track me down or backstab me, because that's really not how DND works. (Not to say you can't play a DND game like that, but most people don't.)

But Shadowrun (when done right) is a game of paranoia and planning and intrigues and plots and secrets, wrapped up in gunfights and explosions and cyberpunk shit. Who's your friend? You can never know. Who's your enemy?


OP Anon, you are in a tough spot. You have taken your first step in to the world of /tg/, and you don't know how to proceed.

So, here's what you do next. Get the 4th Edition book for Shadowrun. It's the newest edition, and probably the easiest to learn. Once you've done that, you need to answer some questions:

Do you want to be a PLAYER? Or a GAME MASTER? Basically, do you want to tell a story, or live one out?

Once you've got that question answered, you need to ask if any of your friends would be in to something like this. You might be surprised which of your friends will get in to it after some initial "holy shit that sounds dorky" reluctance. If you've got a group of 3-4 Players and one Game Master, you're in business. Enjoy the shadows.

Failing that, you'll need to find a group to take you in. This can be a tricky proposition, especially since you're a new player. But there are website devoted to forming gaming groups, and chance are someone near where you live wants to play some Shadowrun. Just hope that those people are not freaky ass neckbeards. Or that you are not some aspie piece of shit they won't want to talk to.

And of course, you can always come back to Uncle /tg/'s Cave of Scary Shit and Hurt Feelings for answers to any and all questions.

Good luck.

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It's not too big of a clusterfuck, it's coherent at least and the books are laid out fairly well. If you must get a rulebook though, get the 20th Anniversary Core book.

Pic related, troll adept killing a cop car and demotivational with a babby

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Bump for Shadowrun general

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Just play Shadowrun >.>

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