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Rolled 6

>Females interested in a male will offer themselves as a sous-chef.

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He always leans towards homebrew for setting, we're just all a bit burnt out on level-based systems. WoD / Warhammer system of buying skills / talents / abilities with exp just flows much easier, without the odd gaps levels can create between characters.

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Rolled 96, 79, 80, 36 = 291


>Name: Smokey Fang Union
>Map color: Black
>Race: Orcs
>Fluff: Inventors, warriors and fops, these orcs tribes are united by their passion for high fashion and high explosive.

>Population: 4
Bonus: [BOOM] bonus on fire and explosive tech/magic

1) Recruit Musketeers
2) Build trading port
3) Improve guns
4) Build wheat farms for beer

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Any more room for a new player?

If so what country can I take?

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I'm giving it a great deal of consideration towards throwing some dosh at decent artist so I can get a character portrait done on commission, and my character happens to be a half orc, this thread is a delight to happen upon.

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>female orcs don't raid
maybe that's why i've yet to see female orc on male elf smut. it's always male/female orc with female elf because i assume they don't take male elves home. curse a fem orcs dedication to domestic duties

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>not wanting to bang orks

Do you even 'umie?

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Not good...

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Hey there, big boy. ;)

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Teah, it's called this board!

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the only good thing of that game

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If you want quest threads, just jump in and respond to the OP.

If you want long-term campaigns with all the bells nad whistles, check out tgchan IRC or check the GAME FINDER threads that are here for actual play times nad locations.

You can also visit sites like roll20.net, infrno.net, invisible castles and enworld.org for online RPG games. Some are live, some are play by post on forums.

Good gaming, dude.

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And sometimes ... well....

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Orc Muscle Maids?

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