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>tfw work for a 60 year old grease monkey whose favorite joke is: "ya know Elton John was pretty good on the piano, but I heard he sucked on the organ"
>the HR department of the company is an imaginary woman named Helen Weight, as in, "if you have a problem with the way I run my company and want to talk to someone about it, you can go to hell and wait"

And I have legitimately never worked in a place where I felt more open to speak my mind.

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Players ask if we are going to have one session zero or several.

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Thanks for the rundown anon, that was very informative. I'm not all that well-versed in WHFB lore so that was really helpful.

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this is really good

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>this guy
Classy anon is classy.

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I liked the Worshipper of Khorne one better. It was a lot funnier but I do enjoy the child-like self assurance at knowing what would make you happy. Keep it up.

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Well put. I'm too angry at the shitheads in this thread ignoring everything not-quest related to be that eloquent.

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This one is mine. My general plan is just to shorten games, because we often play in 6 player games or more. I also consider ties to be a win in my favor.

Upgrades to be made are Ali from Cairo and Fortune Thief, possibly a basilisk collar.

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>How do I get people/players interested in shit that isn't just iron age/medieval style fantasy?

You make a cool setting, everyone else can and will immerse themselves in it. Just look at, say, Bioshock. Art-deco Atlantis with big dudes in diving suits? Who the fuck would want to play around in that, right?

The really important thing is to ensure these sorts of doubts don't stop you from working on the setting. A bit of self-criticism is good, but that can easily turn into paralyzing self-doubt. Keep doing what you're doing; you're probably doing just fine.

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Thanks for finishing the story, always hoped you'd come back!

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I like that one.

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>AoS is such a poorly-designed alpha test of a game that even if two highly experienced players sit down with the best of intentions to have a fair game it can still end up wildly unfair due to misestimates.
>When the best possible case of your shitty alpha draft is worse than the worst possible non-cheating old system, it's shit.
>Someone GW have created a system that combines all the unplayability of freeform gaming with all the bookkeeping of complex wargames.
AoS nicely summed up.

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>Two central figures are a powerful, Mike Tyson meets Nobunaga Oda figure who is a vicious engine of destruction in the ring, and a Mohammed Ali meets Miyamoto Musashi individual who instead relies on cunning and underhanded tactics

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There is multiple methods that could work. But who says fixing the universe consists of the "good" guys winning?

Necrons lore wise SHOULD be powerful to conquer the universe. However, even though their lore has them as indestructible skeletons of infinite qualities, they make next to no progress. After that they could even attempt to reverse the bio-transference.

Tau, For the greater good. etc.

Or, if a group of imperial guards went into battle against the orks with ork blood coloured paint brushes. Painting the orcs red would either lead the orks and their psycher powers make them believe they are dying, or that they are immortal. Eventually orks believe that they are mortal and with their psychers manage to achieve it.
Alternatively, tell the orks that the emperor is dead. As soon as they all stop believing hes alive, he will die.

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Huge thanks to "scaniki" for this! Works great!

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Anon, you rock

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You just fucked up.
>ars magus: slepnir
>protects against wind resistance and shock caused by sudden stop

>mfw this plus marvel telekinetic flight with the fourth or fifth gate open
>mfw sustaining mach 20 in-atmosphere
>all i have to do is throw a rock at my enemy at this speed to vaporize them

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Apparently you know what I mean. I sense some pychological problems coming up if there are some quit(er) hours in that story of yours. You can't keep going forever without processing what you experienced.

The nice demeanour of Isaac is a nice facet of his character you are devoloping there, that's one point where lot of fanfictions fall apart, because they don't develop the characters backround and behaviour from what is established.

Will continue to lurk for more

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Only real reason I can come up with is space problems.

Growing food requires huege amounts of space and energy, even today suitable farmland is getting scarce and the increase in biofuel crops is aggravating the problem.
The increased demand for land is destroying forests at a mind boggling pace and creates secondary problem like eroding soil and wiping out animal species.

Synthetic fertilizers are mainly made out of oil and whilst oil itself is in no shortage on earth (we are currently only tapping 1/10 of the rechable estimated fossil oil deposits, let alone the 10 times larger amount of not yet exploitable deposits), it becomes increasingly unprofitible to drill for it and food can only cost so much before civil unrest ensues. With FTL being piss cheap (and FTL has to be piss cheap, otherwise nobody would use it) it might be easier to grow crops on another earthlike planet instead of building expensive hydroponics on a planet/spacestation inside the sol system.

Apart from that, we have pretty much everything we need inside our solar system and if the human population isn't growing exponentially there's plenty of space where you can live.

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>we have liftoff


We set the stage in the aftermath of the apocalypse brought on by Chaos.

With Shivan De`Harren razed, there was no more refuge for the people of D`nesathia. Neighboring dimensions were sacked and destroyed by Chaos, and all of their people were infected and possessed by its evil. Entire worlds were lost, and communications went silent across the planes. It was unknown how many realms, if any, survived. The people whom did were outcasts and nomads, they became known as the Nephilim.

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>1 on firebomb
>fizzle and not TPK

That's miracle enough for me!

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I like your metaphor a lot better

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