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She seems like a genuinely fun person to hang around with, so I'll probably offer her a drink and ... Well, ask her if she knows about tabletop gaming, since vidya are probably too nerdy for someone with such skin-showing clothes. Then again she doesn't seems too smart either.

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Let's go with some Cultist-chan I guess ... Does /tg/ remember?

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Thats the story of Cultist.

Could be the most devastating thing the galaxy has known since Khine and Eldernesh went to war.

Never will be.

She is protected by unholy favor so long as she is utterly selfless and devoted to them.

The moment she has ambition for herself she has that favor withdrawn and is no longer lucky.

But they always bring her back. Always. Possibly becasue she is so damned amusing to them and the faith she stirs up for them outweighs massively the effort to bring her back. Possibly on some level they love her a little. Possibly becasue it amuses them to piss Dranon off for all eternity.

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Of course, look at Cultist. She is a ruin of a human being twisted for the purpose of dark uncaring gods that use humanity for their food and amusement.

In this picture she is probably seconds away from being chunked by autoguns and she will bleed out toxic blood onto the battlefield and possibly contaminate the groundwater with a flesh eating virus while she laughs out chunks of her organs into the dirt.

She is the dancing monkey of a human being and the focal point of Drannon's hatred and abuse.

Yet somehow looking at her evokes the "Cute" response

We may all be insane here on /tg/

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Immortality and blessings of the gods.

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Oh wow. I just said to myself "Oh wow, that's a really good picture! I should save that!" Idiort.

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I do now, though.

HA HA! You have fallen for my clever trap, and given me images! What say you now, Knave?

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Option 2. Glorious Grimdark romance.
And this one following it. >>20466915

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Why would I do that? Cultist is /tg/'s one and only.
get hype for summer smaugdown 2k12 fuck yeah

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Fero heard the roar of a chainsword, far, far away. His eyes were closed; he was on his knees, with both of his arms held fast by strong arms. A kick to the stomach forced the air from his lungs. The crusader’s eyes opened.
Before him were each of his followers – brave Sino, clever Gantzi, quiet Reggs, and poor, beautiful Chantaea – all held like he, gazes cast down with shame, their inscribed armor coated with dirt. The man who had kicked at him cupped his chin and stooped down to look him in the eye. A savage scar split the traitor’s lip, and his forehead was proudly emblazoned with the mark of his dark patron. A pair of milky orbs peered out from underneath a spiked helm.
“Your few remaining men have been wiped out or abandoned their corpse god. No communications have escaped. The Navy will not come. Chrysos VII is ours.”
The man stood up and turned his back to Fero. “Your team is most skilled, crusader. I must respect a talented warrior, even a naïve fool like yourself. That damnable gunship of yours was certainly unexpected, but they could have easily held their own in a fair fight for a while. I almost regret having to use my witches, but you could not be allowed to go further.”
He gestured to one of his hulking bodyguards and the chainsword was revved again. It disemboweled Reggs with a shower of blood and the sound of ripping meat. To the assassin’s credit, he did not cry out. Fero remembered all the times that his silence had served them well.
One by one, the crusader’s men were executed before him. When he tried to look away, strong hands forced his head back towards the gruesome deaths. Once the heretics finally decapitated Chantaea, the milky-eyed man turned back to him.

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Except for the fact that the Imperium wants all xenos exterminated from the galaxy

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>And how will a non-combat retard do better than the Warmaster?

She can dance around laser beams and is raised from the dead so often they bury her in a coffin with the revolving door.

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I always liked this one.

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>God-Emperor, people don't actually BELIEVE 40k rumors they hear online, do they?
If you believe that a corpse on a chair can be a god, you can believe anything.

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my favorite :)

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Well, playing as lolicron...

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You need a citation that Magic works in 40k?

The gods would like a word with you

If you believe hard enough you can dance across a battlefield and all the lasers will miss you. FHOR KAYOSS!

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Bok this month. Hoop in January. January will primarily be a big ol' block of Fagged Edges and Snow.

p.s If anyone know who drew this, please let me know because, frankly, in terms of 'getting' Cultist, it's fucking perfect.

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I don't know anything about 40k, but I love Cultist Chan ~~

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