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Everybody say fire of course, but I'd go with earth.

Earth is embolic of life, growth, birth, and fertility which is someyhing succubi identify with, but it can also represent claustrophobic entrapment, crushing, or entombing darkness.

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I guess they'd be Demons who fly/run around wearing silk and having feathery wings and sheep horns/no horns?

They would find EVIL people and tempt them with offers of marriage and then convert them to good through tender, loving, gentle sex that's so good it GIVES exp instead of draining it.

They would be Milfs and would be focused on rehabilitation.

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I wish I could get an RP group together.

I have the best idea for an adventurer. An amateur scientist obsessed with studying and cataloging the biology of mystical creatures.

He always gets himself into wacky shenanigans, but because of his detestation for 'baser urges', he can almost always resist the charms of whatever fell she-beast in whose claws he finds. Mostly by annoying them with questions about their physiology.

"Wow, my heart rate is through the roof! Is that your pheromone mist or some kind of mind control?" and he's scribbling notes the whole time she's trying to seduce him.

Also, contributing.

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>/tg/ Did you ever use Succubus in a serious setting?


I had an OLD as dirt NPC warlock/Nethermancer who had a Succubus. What started as a minion/status symbol eventually led to his unofficial wife in his old age.

She cooked, clean up after him, and stayed by his side while old age turned him into a wrinkled husk of his former self and committed him to a bed. She was all together extremely bubbly, had retained all of her beauty and was a perfect house/trophy wife.

The PC's later found out that the Warlock had lost the strength to keep the succubus bound to his will LOOOONG ago and that she was staying by his side this long of her own free will.

>"His soul must age. It must be loved and nurtured until he quietly dies with my hand in his. Only then will it be mine. Only then will the light of god never reach him to take him away from me and the power his mortal essence would give. There will be no Salvation from the love he has for me.

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I look completely different. Also kind've like a hooker. These aren't the clothes I was wearing, I have no idea where they came from. Pain's completely gone now, at least. Still kinda sore.

Also... exceptionally randy. Really, REALLY freaking randy. I just want to pin some guy down and... ooooh.

Maybe a girl, too. Both at the same time.

This is really distracting. I hope masturbation will help.

Pic related--I didn't mean to pose sexily for it, I just kind've did.

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> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VeCjm1UO4M&feature=related

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I disagree. Succubi often appear as human woman so that they don`t scare away their pray. Their true forms may differ from that of a human woman but is nonetheless very attractive, especially if you have a taste for the "exotic".

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