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It's not about going by the book, it's about sharing the spotlight with the other players.

The ones that don't feel the need to play with body image to explore their feelings.

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Prisons nowadays are about labor, not punishment or reform. It's big buisness, you have hundreds or potentially thousands of workers doing shit for next to no pay. Far more lucrative than the standard employment system. Prisons in the US make just about anything you can think of, not just license plates.

This is pretty much the soul reason entities like the Corrections Corporation of America exist, because it's exactly that, a corporation. Only this one basically uses a slave labor force, there's a reason that the US has more people in jail than any other country on the planet.

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>Mfw my conversational partner disappears

C'est quoi?

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/tg/ for the last week there's been on average 2.5 character threads per day. Redundancy.

Animal companion thread!

>inb4 companion cube

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Excuse me, elegan/tg/entlemen, but has there been a new Stigoi quest?
If so, can I get a link?

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I agree with you for the most part, but to be honest D&D is all about creating your own Mary Sue. You just have to know when to give other people a chance to feel badass. Its a give and take relationship.
Honestly I will allow anything in my campaign as long as they can RP it out and make it believable.

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Hey man I have a similar situation downstate in Brooklyn. Our program is a little smaller and harder to do this kind of activity with but I mulled over some ideas in my head.

If you want to get them going on some story type aspect I created this thing called active story telling. Basically have them get into groups of about 5 and each write on sentence, the idea being each person in the group adds one sentence to a 5 sentence paragraph continuing the story from the last sentence.

This will get them comfortable with working in small groups and telling a story together. The just ween them off of that into switching off the DM role every 10 minutes and have them play for like an hour, just add dice.

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>Conflicting in-universe histories are bad!

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Yo, OP, if you want a relationship go out and get one. One night stands always fucking suck. DnD trumps loose pussy any day.

You assholes give shit advice, if he wants a relationship he should go out and get one. Or at the very least find a chick he trusts to be fuck buddies with. Its really not that hard to get laid, chicks are easy as hell to manipulate sex out of. But if that makes you feel cheap then look for the right girl.

You'd be surprised how many chicks want no strings attached sex on a mature level not a fall over drunk call you at 4AM to bang and give you the herpes level.

More power to ya bro, you shouldn't have to settle for sleaze.

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>Tom and Ruby, cutebold clearly visible
>not /tg/-related

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Aion: The Tower of Eternity - The Tower of Eternity

...not bad, not bad at all.

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Deal with it, kiddo. I don't care if you don't like Daggerfall. Or Morrowind. Because MORROWIND IS /tg/ RELATED BITCH.

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/tg/, inexperienced with women?

You don't say.

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here we go!

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>virgin orifices

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>passing fad
>Ruby Quest started on December 18th, 2008
>now April 28, 2010
>quest threads still common on /tg/

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You don't like drawthreads? Well guess what spamming images does to the drawthread. It increases the image count, reducing the number of images that can be posted in it.

Do you know what some drawfag usually takes it upon himself to do when no more images can be posted? Start a new drawthread.

You're only making it more likely that another drawthread will be started up with your faggotry. Get out.

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>juicebox with straw
>thri-kreen don't have lips
>neither do dragons

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