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I blow out the few candles that are the only illumination in the room where we are playing, pitching the players in darkness. I instruct them not to move from their seats as I describe how
Jimmy lets slip his disguise to take his real form. I get up and open the wardrobe from where a good friend (let’s call him Marcus) has been eavesdropping the whole session, enjoying the story
and not making a sound. He strides around the room from player to player, recounting all the petty things they have done during the adventure in a husky demon-voice.
Lusting after hookers, unnecessary killings, stealing evidence from the police, ignoring injuries to innocent bystanders. He laughs how they think themselves righteous champions of good
(they sadly commited all the cardinal sins during the adventure…). My players are kinda spooked now as they think I’m acting out the arch-demon bit with a voice that they haven’t heard me do
before. He ends his monologue by asking if they will repent and leave or accept their evil and receive his gift of the entire city and it’s demon/crime imperium. They decide to keep the reward.

“Then let me ask you again…” I wisper from behind the sofa the players are sitting in (I have crept behind it) I turn on the light and before the players stands my friend Marcus in a smart black
suit with full demon makeup. They scream and fly up from their seats but settle down after some seconds as they recognize Marcus beneath the disguise.

“….were you afraid?”


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>lollipop Chainsaw

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Maybe they're not in their right mind. Did you think of that?

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Glad to hear it. And I figured, so I just ran with something I'd make for a Shadowrun game, sans magic.

Need anything else, man?

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I very much enjoyed D1 and D2, and it's disappointing to hear that Blizzard dropped the ball now. I'm sad.

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That's called "Learning."

We all have things we'd re-do with our new knowledge. This will be one of his.

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A broken clock is correct twice a day.

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I just want to point out to you AGAIN, that I do NOT criticise d% or d20 or d6 or anything of the sort, I just think that from my point of view it is one of the thing that makes me think a game system is "classic".
(If you actually want to know, I do favor bell curve distribution/3d6, because I have the feeling you're less prone to fail at things you're supposed to be good at.)

Could you please give me some examples why you'd rather play it or if you actually have played it, write about that experience here.

Have to agree with >>18528853 here, the newest edition of CoC I downloaded uses the BRP/d% system.

Alright, this sounds good, as I'd be glad about tips on "How to: scare your players".
But what do you mean with "resource managment"?

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make him looks less human?
necromancy is all about drawing power from death
(and picking up hitch-hikers along the way)

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>Implying i ain't the handsome monster.

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This is how I necromancer.

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Ahhh... I suspected they were owl-related, but I couldn't put my finger on why. That makes sense...

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I've always wanted to try out New World of Darkness, but my players prefer fantasy. I have gotten them to play some All Flesh Must be Eaten with mixed results so there's always hope.

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