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This one was made by namefag From Hell's Heart.
He drops the PDFs every now and then, although I haven't seen him since some anons told him his sales pitch made it sound shit.

It's short, free, and not the worst 'dark fantasy' I've ever seen. It's kinda dull until you apply the Hunter splat from the second link.


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Mornin', /tg/

I really should be sleeping, given the busy weekend ahead, but I've returned to my nocturnal sleeping pattern.

So! I am curious to see how /tg/ feels about these monsterslayer classes, and if the whole thing appeals.
For the record, this is for a supplement to Crucible, the RPG I developed a while back. /tg/s opinion of it tends to fluctuate. If you feel the need to sage for homebrew/viral, just ignore me. I'll only make seven posts.

Pic related; Sol Ralek, signature Vengeful Dead. Loving tributes to Raziel, they are raised from the dead by a mysterious benefactor and gifted with a wraith weapon (which needn't be a sword, as such). Much more resilient than standard mortals or even most other Hunters, Vengeful Dead do need souls to sustain themselves. Fortunately they're seen as agents of a god, and get quite some leeway with that.
The entity that raised them rails and screams in their minds whenever they encounter Fair Folk, giving them a compulsion to slay the Fae in particular.

Mechanically, not that thrilling, but they've proven vital to party survival and fun for roleplay purposes.

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