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>mfw a new book was announced to be in the planning stages

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I'm currently reading through this, and...yeah! I like it! I really like it!

If you can get all the proper bindings and such this would be a cool as hell book to have.

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Step 1: Pick a role.

"My comrades, I have some bad news. Our supplies are cut off, and our commanders have fled like cowards. I ask you - what shall we do next?"

(pic related)

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>implying he was really a boy

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Search for "metal corgi" iirc.


The approach I was thinking of taking it with a homebrew was basically this:

Players roll up a bunch of fancy MGS boss characters, who are the core of a PMC that they get to build and run, and then as the game progresses they can hire new recruits and send and play them on missions in place of their "Bosses" when their bosses start to get too op.

...of course I was also planning on using the StoryTeller system from WoD or Exalted.

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>still thinking we're playing Chess

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I'll have another go at it. Suggestions anyone?

Light Assault Gun - (Mech) - Late War- 1500 pts

Legkiy Samokhodno-Artillyeriyskiy Polk HQ - CinC T-34 obr 1942 (55 pts)

Compulsory Assault Gun Company - Command SU-76M, 3x SU-76M (150 pts)

Compulsory Assault Gun Company - Command SU-76M, 3x SU-76M (150 pts)

Assault Gun Company - Command SU-122, 3x SU-122 (170 pts)

Red Army Assault Gun Reconnaisance Platoon - Command Rifle/MG, 8x Rifle/MG (185 pts)

Gvardeyskiy Tyazhelyy Tankovy Company - Command KV-85, 3x KV-85 (445 pts)

Heavy Mortar Company - Command Rifle, 6x 120-PM-38 mortar (130 pts)
- Observer - Observer Rifle (15 pts)

Air Support - Limited Il-2 Shturmovik (200 pts)

1500 Points, 6 Platoons

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>Plays D&D
>Doesn't think tanking is possible in D&D

How does your party even pure spellcaster?

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Alright, so I'm Alpha Legion, see? Yeah, yeah, I'm Alpharius, shut up. Anyway, so I've infiltrated one of Guilliman's successor legions, I think it was the Watchers of Macragge (yo, Ultramaroons, you really need to branch out with your name scheme. Ultra this, Guilliman that, we get it) and orders come in for Alpha Legion infiltrators to engage in a little bit of sabotage. Specifically, to defocus the long range scan array at a specific time to allow a Legion warship to pass near undetected. Sometimes, and this was one of those times, you'll get orders without a specific recipient named. You can generally expect to encounter a few other deep-cover operatives at a time like this, but not too many. This time, half the damn space marines on board the ship (which is the Chapter flagship, by the way!) show up, and we're all trying to figure out what the hell is going on when one of the guys starts laughing. Turns out, the fucking Chapter Master was there too, and he says half the legion is for sure Alpha infiltrators. Now we all start cracking up, but it gets even better - the other half of the chapter? Also Alpha Legion, but with a psychic block/trigger word personality overwrite thing going on. Found that out just before we launched a purge of the regular Marines. So what did I learn that day? Alpharius is kind of a dick.

Pic related, this is the face of the Imperial guard infiltrator I first told the story to.

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This is how I IG.

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>Party leader has a new cohort
>Were fighting monsters with tremorsense
>Cohort throws down a huge AOE vision blocking aura
>In the confusion of the cloud my necromancer gets mind controlled
>"Kill the strongest of your allies"
>My necromancer Cast circle of death centered on entire party
>Cohort dies
>Party leader dies
>Party rogue dies
>Ranger dies
>psion, druid, cleric and other wizard all live

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>If anything I am slightly proud of it because it grants me enough detachment to allow me to judge based on logic rather than emotions and senseless peer-pressure

>This is what autists actually believe

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> NAZI.(I have a custom die that has various political alignments on it. don't ask. I DM)
I'm imagining you randomly role NPCs political affiliation, and I like it!

communist related

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I played a commissar cadet in Only War because of this

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>using coasters gave me aspergers.

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Holy-tiny-unit batman!
a two model unit for 3 points?
Bitches better be so Khadoran they shit ice and orphaned Cygnaran children.

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>no fun behind it

0/10 is as all i can give you for this brah.

Trying too hard

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