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A Rogue Trader has the right to use Xenotech and deal with Xenos as he sees fit. He is a Peer of the Imperium, after all. On the outskirts of the Imperium and the sectors nearby, Xenos in a RT's entourage will cause stares, but are a common enough occurrence that they will be merely mistrusted, or the opposite - This RT was badass enough to impress an Ork into his services.

But bring them further into civilized sectors and the RT's frontier power holds no real meaning, and his pet alien's getting deep-fried by the Imperial citizenry.

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Here's one of my favorites.

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I've been inspired by pic related. My Dark Heresy players are going to come across some feral orks that have managed to build either a deff dread or killa kan out of wood and pig iron. It'll probably just be armed with a rusty blade and maybe a cannon.

Problem is, I don't know how to stat this up. Should I treat it as an enemy and give the whole thing a profile like a real killa kan? Or should it just be an ablative wood suit and the stat'd enemy is the driver inside?

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