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Guts would be This Guy, if a little passive.

>Pic Related would be the biggest "That Guy"

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>I did it 35 minutes ago

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What's the best twist you've ever pulled off?
How did your players react?

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>A person who sincerely and completely believes that what he is doing is the right and moral thing to do, and feels genuinely bad for those who die as a result of his actions. The sort of guy who regretfully burns a hospital full of a mixture of his own wounded soldiers, war orphans, and neutral civilians to the ground, as an enemy army advances, to spare them from the horrors of the war. He invites the party round to tea and doesn't poison them.

Someone already beat you to it.

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Yeah nigga, our crop just sprung up. Big delicious, organic blueberries by the hundreds of pounds.

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I'm thinking White/Blue/Black.

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