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These things in OPs pic are the great destroyers of worlds.
Sharks are the guardians of the sea and are trying to keep them from destroying the world.

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Okay, so I'll quit ragging on DM for a little bit and tell you about something I did that pissed my players off. Well, two of my players. Two of them thought it was the greatest thing ever, and one diplomatically didn't express an opinion.

I was running a D&D game, my first time running a game for this group. It was DM, Little Sister, and guys I'll call Hack and Slash (because all of his characters are unsubtle combat monsters), Witch Hunter, and Silent But Deadly. Game setup took a month, with everyone building way more complicated characters than I was expecting. This was our first D&D game in over a year, so I guess there was some excitement. I told them that they'd be in the guard of a major port city, and it would be an X-Files sort of game.

DM wanted to run a cavalier. An AD&D first edition cavalier, with all the ridiculous bonuses and automatic stat gains and so on. He'd even converted the class to second edition and added some features! Ten pages! Why not? No, it won't be unbalanced. You're not letting me play a psionicist, so if I can't play this, then we're not playing the campaign. *sigh* Sure, whatever. Be a cavalier. Remember, though, you're in the city guard, in a game where I'm telling you that you won't be able to fight everything directly. And your class description, on page six of ten here, says you can't retreat from battles. You're sure? I guess....

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i bet i wont get perma-banned fo posting pointless crap in this board, mods dont even care about this board.

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