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Hey hey /tg/

I'm going to be GMing an Only War game soon, and I'd like to start it off with a real bang. Make the players really feel like they are nothing but shitty cogs in the grand Imperial warmachine.

My idea was thus:
Letting all the players start with 2 fate. Keeps it equal, and necessary for whats about to happen.

The very first mission would be something simple like attacking a Severin Dominion fortress along with an entire army of guard, but midway through the game, something starts happening.

The sky darkens, psykers start losing their shit and crying, commanders are getting horrifying reports to pull back or just abandon the field.
And then BOOM. Straight Tyranid invasion.
And its gonna be utterly unwinnable. Like the players will be completely and surely fucked and forced to burn a fate point (which is why they get 2), as they are left to die by their commanders and surrounded by an unending legion of bugs.

After this they would obviously awaken hideously wounded weeks later after a costly campaign, and get right into the real meat of the game.

Is this going too far, killing the players without almost any hope of survival?
I think it would be a good narrative, and step them down a peg from their perceived specialness.
Also all those fun permanent injuries, like missing legs or horrific bioplasma scars

(And obviously, if they pull off something REALLY impressive, they'd get to live, and keep that fate point)

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My Lord! You've awoken! We have some things to fill you in on...

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>talking shit about "insects"
>in 40K

The squishy humans are the only reason your pointy eared freaks are not already eaten alive. Why don't you fuck up the galaxy a little more and produce more chaos gods?

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What exactly do the Tyranids consume? Apparently they organic matter, but I've heard that they eat the atmosphere and metals in a planet too. So what exactly do they eat?

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Since 'nids don't have stats for Only War (I think Deathwatch had 'em but in my eyes it doesn't really count) you can turn them into Keyser Söze from The Usual Suspects.

Everybody is shitting their pants at the mere mention of them and their imminent arrival makes the whole planet go apeshit. The thing is however that the PC's never actually face the buggers. To them they are mere stories. Grizzly, horrifying oh-so-real stories.
Pic. Fucking. Related.

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I read over alot of these OP, and some of this advice is pretty righteous. My favorite so far is pick a race you love the look of and also, play for fun.

As a Tyranid player, I know that winning isn't everything
(Oh look! IG can field HOW MANY TANKS?!?! My one of few good anti tank guns is a blast template that scatter now?!?! ughh...) but when you see a hundred gaunts going across the field with a fist full of hideous monstrosities? It's like starship troopers....except plastic.

Also, I'm shocked no one has posted this site yet, Go here and just drown in the thousands of images. It might help you make up your mind!


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i've always thought that a 40k movie could be pulled off without any real story or dialogue. Just show different areas of a massive planet-wide battle showcasing most of the races/factions fighting one another. All while having a kick ass orchestral score to fit the tone of the never ending grimdark war that is warhammer. i mean, most of my 40k boner comes from just how cool the battles are between varied factions.

I just want to see a greater demon take on a horde of tyranids in high quality cgi. Or a necron lord fighting off a squad of khorne berzerkers...

guess thats what the games are for though...

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The only reason, why The tyrranids dodn't win yet, is that GW staff doesn't know shit about Astronomy.

As some of you can remember, few years ago Astronomers found a giant gas cloud of alcohol in space. C2H5OH. Like 288 bilion miles across (463 bilion Km) Imagine just the mass of that alcohol. And, as far as i know it can be easily coneverted into biomass, so in fact new tyrranids.

So Why do tyrranids even bother devouring planets, if they can just devour Giant Gas clouds and convert them into biomass. That biomass above would probably be near the mass of a star system - so new hive fleet with a mass of a star system - Now, Ultramarines, stop that....

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Hey everyone, I was wondering if I can get some help with tyrannic strategies and possible ideas for army lists for the 1k, 1.5k, 2k, and 3k ranges (possibly higher than that, I have played apocalypse on occasion).

I already have a Imperial Guard and Necron army, and am wondering how Tyranids differ. I've been trying to do some theory crafting, but as we all know abilities that sound great on paper don't always translate well to the battle field.

Money is not an issue so I'll be able to fill my ranks with whatever would be the most useful strategically.

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So, natively I am a Orks and Imperial Guards player, but recently a good friend of mine sold off his Tyranids collection. It contains the following:

2 Hive Tyrants
3 Hive Guards
2 Tervigons
2 Primes
9 Hive Guards
6 Zoanthropes
6 Lictors
1 Death Leaper
3 Pyrovores
16 Warriors
~70 Hormagaunts
~70 Termagaunts
~40 Genestealers
3 Broodlords
40 Gargoyles
1 Custom Harpy
7 biovores
9 Carnifex
2 Trygon
1 Mawloc
Shit ton of spore mines

(please don't ask how much I paid for them, it was a shit ton, but better than I could have gotten online.)

Anyway I am looking for advice on what Tryanid strategy. What I could do with the stuff I have, and the point constraints on my army. I've played against Nids before, but never for them.

Is there anything special I should know playing 'nids?

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Ok gonna start posting more of my pics in hopes of getting more people interested.

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Tyranids. Why? Because in a galaxy filled with over poweredness they manage to be the end all. The killing blow of this galaxy. The "we are gonna fuck your shit eventually and there is little to nothing you can do about it" race.

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I find there is a couple must have units i.e. Doom of Malan'tai but outside of it you can be flexible. I do Tyrant or Swarmlord backed by Hormagaunts and a squad of Warriors with Gargoyles, Harpies, Trygons, and Tyrannofexes.

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What are some good books depicting the Tyranid wars?
Specifically i'd love one on the battle of macragge, but that just seems to be a codex thing unless im mistaken.

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Hive Fleet Gojira entered the galaxy initially near Tau territory. It gained a reputation among the Tau for its massive Monstrous Creature backed with Bio-titans on their cities, leaving nothing but decimation in their wake. However the Hive Fleet was defeated almost entirely when the Tau, Imperium, and an Eldar Craft world deemed it too big a threat. While the fleet's abundance of MCs and Bio-Titans where a threat the fleet lacked many of its lesser creatures like Hormagaunts, Imperial scientists believing it was a young Hive Fleet at the time. However the Hive Fleet was not entirely destroyed. The lead Hive Tyrant of the fleet as well with a Tyrannofex, Tervigon, Trygon, and small groups of its Hormagaunts, Termagants, and Genestealers were captured by an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos. This Inquisitor took his specimens back to his lab, on a jungle planet closer to Terra. This Inquisitor conducted an experiment on these creatures to develop a way to permanently block out the Hive Mind. His experiment succeed and the remnants of the fleet were reduced to simple creatures. Rejoiced the the Inquisitor planned to send a message to Terra with his discovery. However before he could, a tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan arrived at the planet and killed him. Leviathan then rescued the remnants of Hive Gojira from their captivity, then using a recreation of the Doom of Malan'tai, restored them to the Hive Mind. The reborn Hive Fleet immediately went to work by killing their rescuers to use their bio mass to begin producing troops as well as bringing the recreation of the Doom of Malan'tai into its ranks.. The Hive Fleet then consumed the jungle planet, giving it enough bio mass to recreate a fraction of its previous strength and make Hive Ships. The fleet is currently going around behind the Eye of Terror, consuming planets in its wake to gain strength to make attacks on the center of the Imperium itself, Terra.

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So let's say the main Hive Fleet arrives. What then ? Does everyone fight for themselves and loose, or maybe one particular group like the Imperium or the Tau survive and win ?

Or does everyone that's capable of forming alliances join forces and fight together ? Guards and Sisters defending Craft Worlds to their last breaths, Fire Warrior cheering at the Space Marine reinforcement and Eldars committing last of their people to a suicidal attack ?

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Any Tyranid players have any advice for a new Tyranid player?

For a 1000 pt army focused on rushing the other player what would be a good list?

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This is a call to all my fellow members of the Hive Mind
You know what guys. Screw the allies. We are Tyranids. We are the only faction in 40k that is winning. This puny galaxy can barely defend against our scout fleets. Once we arrive in full nothing will stop us. All will be devoured. Well except maybe the necrons but you get my point. Sides vehicles are easier to crack now and MCs are getting buffed. No matter how many times they ally together everything in this galaxy is merely our food. Only now we can have some mix meals.
So I'm calling for a Tyranid General/image dump/ look at some of the positive aspects we have gotten out of 6th edition.

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hive fleet jormungandr splinter fleet

1x tyrant guard w/lash whip

15x stealers w/ toxin sacs
15x stealers w/ toxin sacs
15x stealers w/ toxin sacs
15x stealers w/ toxin sacs

Doom of Malan'tai in spore
1x venomthrope

trygon w/regen
trygon w/regen

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hey /tg/, how ya doin?
i've been wanting to get into 40k lately. i've always been interested in tyranids, mostly because i like the numbers, an melee aspects. actually, mostly cause they're fuckin cool and i like their backstory. but i want to be sure about what i'm about to drop 100+ bucks on. what does /tg/ think of tyranids?

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I was wondering, do you think you could tame a Tyranid? Maybe something small, like a ripper. I'm planning on having a sergeant in my Impy Guard army have a ripper or something on a leash, like that ork warboss model with a Squig on a leash.

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You're right. It takes real a man to watch your squad get slaughtered like so much cattle and keep going like a tercio. Stand and die like proper men? Mmm dat biomass.

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I'm under the impression that most people believe Tyranids suck. I was under the same impression after slaughtering my friend (who was just learning to play). He quit trying after a while and in an attempt to get him to play again, I looked over the codex. it looked promising, so I playtested a few games. I've played three games so far (which I realize isn't many) and haven't lost one yet.

I think people have to plan out their lists carefully and the people who I would expect to play 'Nids probably use Ork tactics with them.

tl;dr It seems people don't use 'Nids properly.

It'd be great if I could get some feedback on the 5th edition Codex, especially from experienced Tyranid players.

>Do you often get beaten by Tyranids?
>What kind of tactics do your 'Nid oppents typically use?
>Do they ever do well in competitions?
>In your opinion, are they a viable army?

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how to beat tau?
play nids.

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