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Damn straight.

>"Yes, run when you are attacked… But do so toward the enemy!" -- From the lessons of Cyrus

>After decades of resistance from Captain Indrick Boreale, Cyrus finally requested to serve under Captain Davian Thule. Thule was quickly convinced and soon began to implement many of Cyrus's tactics as a matter of course.
>"Cyrus is no fool," Thule would often remark. "There is a reason he chooses to remain a Scout Sergeant. In a few centuries there will not be a Blood Raven left who hasn't been molded by this thinking."

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And Steve Blum was voiced by Steve Blum, who also plays Steve Blum.

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Sometimes there isn't much one can do. There have been several occasions when an entire Chapter has been wiped out in a single blow. For an even more extreme example, the Drop Site Massacre during the Heresy saw three Legions almost destroyed (at least in old fluff; apparently the Heresy novels are playing hell with the numbers). Now I'm not saying our bald friend Indrick was betrayed...

... or am I?

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But Cyrus, Martellus and Tarkus got to stay behind... I bet it's because the first two are voiced by Steve Blum and Tarkus is bald like Diomedes.

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>Scout: Sergeant, there appear to be several vast, floating black pyramidal constructs converging on our position, accompanied by phalanxes of heavily armed skeletal machines. Should we inform the commander?
>Cyrus: It's probably nothing, I wouldn't bother.

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Ah, found the quote from the current codex.

>The Tyranids are not native to our galaxy. They have travelled through the bleak intergalactic space between galaxies for countless millennia. Whether the Tyranids made this perilous journey because they had already consumed everything of worth in their home galaxy or in flight of another, even more fearsome race, is unknown.

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